AnyDVD Released

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AnyDVD History, 2006 05 28

  • New: The option to remove “annoying adverts and trailers” has been
    improved, jumping to the menu works better with some DVDs
  • New: Added warning dialog, if “Remove annoying adverts and trailers”
    is enabled
  • New: Added version info to the “update available” dialog
  • Fix: Problem when changing drive letters with disk manager
  • Updated languages

Thx for the heads up! :iagree:


Must look this one up, cheers !

cheers :clap:

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Thanks d.chatten. :clap:
slysoft :clap: :bigsmile: :bow: :iagree: :cool:

Yes thankyou, I got a popup as soon as I logged on.

Well since this is the hotest topic I want to say thanks too.

Well no choice let me say gracias Señor James. :clap: :bow: :iagree:

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Freeze… :cop: :cop:

Just kidding i love it…

JAMES…Your DA…Man…Thanks mate…:clap:

thx for the info :bigsmile:

Also wanted to say how good it is in updating…just does it itself…no need to reput in Reg…It must look and see ,and if you have the product key…Updates it real quick without a reboot…Thanks James…:bow:

the program only informs you that there’s a newer version & if you want to download it, you do the rest :wink: