Anydvd and 1click DVD Copy issue

I just downloaded anydvd and now my 1click program will not back up any of my dvds. I tried it on a couple that I backed up last week and they worked fine. Is there a known issue with 1click or am I doing something wrong???

what were you using before you installed anydvd if it was dvd43 you need to make sure it was totally removed from your system before installing anydvd other wise you will have conflicts do a search and make sure your other decripter was totally removed

I was using anydvd. I just recently reformatted my harddrive so I was working with a clean slate. Downloaded the most recent versions of both programs and now I cannot back up my dvds. Keeps giving me the error:
dvd encrypted. Restart decrypter before one click. Which I have done. I have also reinstalled both programs twice. But thanks for the info.

I just updated to and now my 1 Click won’t work either. Same problem as Sluggo 79 is having. It worked fine with We need a fix.

Did you reboot your computer after installing AnyDVD ? If Not, it’s not going to work correctly anyway. I haven’t had any problems with either program.

im running both 1 click and pro version havent used both been using the pro vers. let me give it a try and see if I have any issues

I have rebooted several time, reinstalled both programs several times and in different orders, and still nothing. Thanks though.

Maybe 1-click is one of the programs, which doesn’t work with AnyDVD “Safe Mode”? Try to switch it off.

Sweet! Thanks Tru that worked. Just out of curosity what does “Safe Mode” do???

Thanks TRU

Oh dear. I wasn’t aware that 1click doesn’t run in SafeMode.
The bad news: You have to disable SafeMode after a fresh installation, if you want to use 1click DVD copy.
The good news: Updating AnyDVD will not alter this setting, so you only have to do it once. Clicking “Default” (my favourite button) in the settings window doesn’t alter it, too.

James - what is your recommendation on SafeMode when using AnyDVD with CloneCD and what is your recommendation on SafeMode when using AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 ? Just curious as new protections seem to stir things up, like Narnia has this week.

Safe mode won’t have any effect on those two products at all. The reason safe mode was enabled by default was because of issues people were having with certain RAID configurations. In that case, enabling safe mode is necessary and will affect the proper operation of CloneDVD and CloneCD with regard to AnyDVD. James will probably chime in on this one, but, I just wanted to give you the answer he’s likely to give. If you don’t have RAID and are only using Slysoft products, then it’s not going to affect you either way.

Not using RAID, but am using an ide card and have never used SafeMode. Guess I won’t be either. Thanks!

Yea, you should be all set with skipping safe mode. As long as it works, you’re good to go. The people with RAID configurations were getting the “this disc is protected” error when they tried to use CloneDVD on the disc and safe mode will apparently solve that problem.