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AnyDVD History, 2006 02 24

  • New: Added support for a new version of the Sony Arccos protection
    as found on “A Killer Within” R2 (German) to the option to
    remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • Fix: AnyDVD could hang on program exit
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info!

Thx, i’ll hope there wouldn’t be another thread like “corrupt file, please check for virus etc…” :wink:

hey guys, my crack is no longer working, can you help me? :doh:

That of course is a joke I hope. :bigsmile:

No, i can’t! :bigsmile:

please, stay off the drugs :bigsmile:

haha i can’t believe the bastards sold me sugar…

I can, just uninstall it and clean the registry then reinstall it again and pay for it…lol… :cop:

dude…look at who posted it. it’s a joke…

I’m glad I have an appreciation for double entre… :bigsmile:

Calm down I know it was a joke I did say LOL. Iwas joking as well.

Anyone get an email notice for this one? That has been great in the past. Must be forthcoming.


No e-mail, I did find that strange.

I was going down to post the same.

Has Slysoft forgotten about us. :frowning:

As i also emailed them this morning with an IFO file that i was having problems with and also no email back to that either.

Probably busy with fixing things I suspect…I have to admit, the emails have spoiled me. I’m riding a dinasour dial up connection, and I have problems if I have to many programs checking for updates when I connect.

Thanks for the update. :clap: :clap:

I usually get a popup box with the notification of a new version and do I want to download it now. That’s what I had this time and I dare say an e mail will appear soon, it always does! Thank you Slysoft. :slight_smile: