Anydvd released, 2006 02 15

  • Important: When installing this version over an existing
    installation, you must reboot your machine. Otherwise the changes
    made in the AnyDVD device driver will not have any effect!
  • New: Added workaround for DVDShrink / Nero Recode “Out of memory”
    error when copying Macrovision RipGuard protected discs with
    menus, e.g. “Madagascar” R1 (US)
  • New: Error zones on RipGuard/Arccos/PuppetLock protected titles are
    now replaced with “valid material”. 3rd party tools like DVDDecrypter
    will now work better (no more “Pack Header Error” messages - another try,
    this time it should really work).
  • Note: To use DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD set I/O Model to SPTI or ElbyCDIO.
    Set CSS Cracking method to none. Disable checking for structure
  • New: Added “AnyDVD Ripper”. This little tool repairs defective DVDs
    while copying them to your harddisk. It can be started from the menu of
    the AnyDVD fox icon. It can be started as a stand alone application from
    the start menu as well, so it can be used even if AnyDVD is not registered
    and the trial period has expired.
    It is identical to FixVTS ( but instead
    of fixing problems “in place” it copies the files to your harddisk directly
    from the source DVD. It fixes the problems while the files are copied.
    Some DVDs which have severe mastering defects e.g.,
    “Menace II Society” R1 (US) can now be copied with all DVD copy tools
    (elby CloneDVD, DVDShrink, etc.) Many thanks to the author of FixVTS!
  • Fix: Hang after update check with some system configurations
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages


Just wanted to say thanks to Slysoft for the constant updates and improvements . . .

Can everyone that uses either shrink or nero recode please test and see if you are able to do full backups on ripguard movies direct from dvd? Thanks.

wouldn’t it just be easier for you to run a test yourself?

then you’d have your information immediately…

I downloaded this same version ( off the other thread (the beta thread) when it was listed as beta.

I assume this is the same version as the one I downloaded and that I don’t have to do it again?

If this is the same one, then it would be a good idea to give that info at the beginning of this thread cause I’m sure a lot of people downloaded that one (when it was listed as beta). It would help people that might have this same question.

Hi :slight_smile:
Mike89 not sure if you mean this. But if it is then yes upgrade now. Try it anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose.

I don’t see version listed anywhere in the beta thread. I do see, which is an older beta release. As such, you will have to download the latest official release (

Again, I register my protest that while it is NICE of Slysoft to continually improve this functionality… it’s NEVER A GOOD IDEA to work directly from the DVD. It’s slower, more problematic… always has been. People just forget that it’s always been problematic because for a long time 99.99% of movies just worked this way in Shrink before Arccos and Ripguard came along. But a couple years ago, Shrink ALWAYS had issues working direct from disc, back then the solution was the same as now - rip it to the hard disk FIRST.

And it runs faster that way - sometimes twice as fast.

Mike89 not sure if you mean this. But if it is then yes upgrade now. Try it anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Oops. I got my versions wrong. Getting the new one now.

back then the solution was the same as now - rip it to the hard disk FIRST.

That’s what I do now. I was always nervous about going straight off the disk. Just seems too many things going on at once with more chance of error.

I feel a lot better going to HDD first. That’s why I really like this new option provided by Slysoft. Well done.

I keep getting an error with the new Anydvd release with Nero Rocode 2.

Using the DVD Madagascar (US version), I get the error message shown below. Have tried several times and get the same error each time. I have 2Gb memory and 320Gb hard drive, so I know I have enough resources. I even rebooted several time only to get the same error Any ideas?

Nero Recode 2 encountered an error and cannot continue.
An unknown error occurred while checking validity of DVD structures (VTS).
Not enough storage is available to process this command.

I think you need to update Nero.

Has anyone figured out exactly what kind of errors the FixVTS ripper will resolve?

Is there any reason not to just use this ripper for everything?


I’m not positive but from what i understand, FixVTS fixes the flaws from the “static” DVD files. One still had to rip the movie to HDD with Windows Explorer which is two steps.

The AnyDVD ripping feature does the same fixing but it does it while the movie is ripping to HDD. So only one step.


This is documeted here:

I read that before and I couldn’t really tell what to use when determining whether the tool would be useful. Knowing what it does and being able to recognize a situation where you need it are two vert different things. That’s why I was wondering if there is ever any reason to not use it.