AnyDVD released, new protection support and fixes

I just posted the article AnyDVD released, new protection support and fixes.

  JackiRipper2000 used our    news submit  to tell us SlySoft have  released AnyDVD Yet another update to keep you DVD  back-up junkies happy until the next roles around.      ...
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Don’t these guys ever sleep:)

Don’t these guys ever sleep ? NO and they must be keeping the idiots that keep trying to protct their rip off priced junk from sleeping too

How come they haven’t been shut down ala DVDD yet?

…being as they’d be a better target since they actually make money off their product… ?

Frequent updates are one of the reasons I decided to purchase all of their stuff using the cdfreaks discount. Olli, Elby, SlySoft, thanks for being proactive.

Just look where in the world is set their base… :B
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PLEASE introduce different ways for billing. NOT EVERYBODY has a CC! :frowning: Come on, at least PayPal!
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i’ve bought the first release of clone cd back then, and now the suit (any, clone cd and dvd) and it’s the onlu prog legal i’ve got for my compu and proud of it, when you see the frequent update and stuff i know i don’t go wrong…:S