AnyDVD Released

Here the list of fixes and improvements:, 2006 01 21

  • New: Added support for a new version of the Sony Arccos
    protection as found on “KAENA” R2 (German) to the option
    to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: Added support for Microsoft Windows Vista (Beta 2)
  • Fix: Closes connection after automatic update check

Doesnt look like they have fixed some of the recode & shrink issues though :frowning:

yeah, i’m getting lots of issues with nero recode (and my fallback, dvdshrink) since, like ‘ifo not matching vob’ or something, dvd2one managed movie-only, but playback staggers in parts.

i might try upgrading to nero 7, but i don’t think recode has been updated.

one dvd i ripped wouldn’t actually shrink, it was 5.6gb but would not shrink to less than 99%

first problem i’ve had with anydvd, maybe i should rollback to instead of update to

99% or more of those “shrink and recode compatibility problems” can be resolved by ripping to the hard drive first.

Seriously, try it!

I know, AnyDVD is supposed to be transparent and not force you to do that. But Recode and Shrink do a LOT of jumping around on the disc, reading a tiny bit of data, and jumping back… and AnyDVD clearly doesn’t ALWAYS handle this very well.

Also there is some conjecture as to whether part of the fault doesn’t lie with Recode/Shrink. Maybe James can weigh in on the matter?

However I do like this part:

  • New: Added support for Microsoft Windows Vista (Beta 2)

So does the upgrade install seemlessly? In otherwords, does your key remain active through the upgrade, or do you have to do some kind of reactivation?

Yes, key will still be valid. Just exit AnyDVD (if it is on) and install the new version. It will install over the old version. Reboot PC and you are back in business.

cool, vista support

i always rip to hard disk first.

Recode and Shrink are the problem. CloneDVD and others don’t have this issue. In any case, this is why I think it’d be smart of James and company to add a ripper of some kind to AnyDVD…maybe a “Copy to …” menu item and allow you to select a folder on the hard drive where it then creates a directory of the same name as the dvd and then copies the VIDEO_TS folder to it. That’d rock.

you can already drag and drop a VIDEO_TS folder to the hard drive, so it is a ripper, sort of.

yeah, no point having to use a ripper when windows explorer or ‘cp’ will do!

still not sure this is a recode/shrink issue, as i seem to recall in a previous changelog that clonedvd2 had some visual problem (progress bar?) and recode support was now broken.

Here is the problem with recode/shrink and clone dvd2

==============================================, 2006 01 11

  • New: Added support for a new version of the Sony Arccos
    protection as found on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” R2 (Swiss German)
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable
    NOTE: This Arccos version is not yet supported with
    DVDShrink and Nero Recode. With elby CloneDVD
    the quality bar will not work, but this is only a cosmetic
    problem. We will try to support this Arccos version better
    in the future.
  • Updated languages

Sometimes when copying to HDD with AnyDVD Running i find that shrink & recode still has problems :frowning: Although clonedvd works ok.

If anydvd added a ripper, then they would be subject to prosecution like some of the others companies. So it’s better not to have the ripper :iagree:

AnyDVD would already be subject to prosecution if it was based in Europe or the USA. It is only the fact it is based in a country that has more liberal copyright laws and doesn’t have a DMCA type of legislation that they are able to keep selling. I would guess that it the main reason that Elby sold on the rights to CloneCD and AnyDVD, but can still keep CloneDVD2, as CloneDVD2 will not break any protection.