Anydvd and Asus DVD-E616P3 problem

I have installed Anydvd a couple of days now and some titles that i try to read with my asus dvd-rom (DVD-E616P3,latest firmware 1.07) give me a message from anydvd that not all keys could be decrypted.
I take the disc out and insert it in my nec4550 dvd writer,no problems and no messages
Previus version of Anydvd didn`t exhibit any such problems
One example is Jean Michel Jarre - Jarre In China (r2)

Welcome to the forum. You should send a note to Slysoft and see what they say. They are very interested in fixing these things.

Do you mean this message? Previoud versions will display this message, too:

Usually you can ignore this. It is a just a warning. Maybe you want to do what the message suggests and set your drive to your region.

I do remember the first part
"AnyDVD is unable to crack all CSS Keys on this disc!
AnyDVD will guess the correct CSS Key, but it is possible,
that one or more titles on this disc will not play correctly.

You can check the AnyDVD CSS key archive from the AnyDVD
settings window."

I dont remember saying in the message anything about a region I checked my drives and asus wasnt set to any region,nec was region 2
But until i installed never saw any warning message from anydvd.
After instalation of version i have seen at least 6.

jimas and James,
I don’t think it is a drive problem or a decrypting problem or a region problem. The AnyDVD message will not stop you from getting a successful backup of the movie. Ignore it. The movie and all previews and “regular” spec features etc etc will decrypt and play fine. If you’re using CloneDVD, just click on GO and start ripping and burning. If your backup software is other, it is also doubtful that you will have a problem. Just don’t worry and get to it!

When that message appears it is because one of the title-sets on the original contain JPEG “galleries” of still images or another “non-movie” type of feature. AnyDVD’s “logic” doesn’t see the JPEG’s as “playable” or decryptable and gives you a warning.

With AnyDVD and CloneDVD, I have encountered this maybe a half dozen times in the last few years. Most recently on The Color Purple: Two Disk Special Edition, R1 disk 2: Special Features. All titlesets play except the two “Galleries” which are just plain old JPEG “slideshows” and not in a “movie” format. I assume CloneDVD did not copy them because it did not deem them part of the “playable” original. Just like it doesn’t copy the data in the “Jacket” folder or autostart programs or some internet or ROM features. If, at some time, you do want those features, you can just pull out the original to get at them, right? Also, often music concert DVD’s (like many special/bonus features disks) are not authored as simple “playable” DVD movies.

Best regards,

Whisperer1 thank you for the extended respond
But as it seems anydvd actually had a problem with Asus DVD-E616P3

I inserted today in asus a dvd i got from a magazine.Anydvd reported that there is a problem and that maybe the disc is scratched,wrong region e.t.c.

I inserted after the disc in my dvd writer Nec 4550.No problems and no messages.

Later today i entered the forum and saw that version got out
I installed anydvd

I`ve put the same disc in asus and…nothing.No messages,no problems.
Congratulations for slysoft :clap:

I believe that some 616p3 have a dvd reading problem with fw 107
I read this at the firm ware forum