AnyDVD beta

I have prepared a new beta version for download:

The main change is detection and removal of a new type of copy protection. I have called this new protection “Chapter Jump”, based on how it is working.
I don’t believe there will be any problems, but please check, if all your DVDs still play correctly while AnyDVD is running (all options on default settings).
You can use your favourite DVD Player Software to try this.

Please report bugs and problems to support(at) or as a follow up to this thread.

Thank you!

For those who want to try it out, here is the changelog:, 2005 11 14

  • New: Added detection and removal of a new type of protection
    “Chapter Jump” as found on “Kleiner König Kalle Wirsch” (German)
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: Added display of “Chapter Jump” structural protection in
    AnyDVD information window
  • New: Added support for a new protection as found on
    “Layer Cake” R2 (Dutch) to the option to remove
    “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: As DVD43 is incompatible with AnyDVD, it can now be
    automatically uninstalled during the installation.
  • New: As DVD43 is incompatible with AnyDVD, it will now be
    automatically disabled, if AnyDVD is started.
  • Updated languages

Many posts have stated that, to avoid conflict, DVD43 could not even exist on the same machine. DVD43 has to be completely uninstalled and that AnyDVD also has to be uninstalled completely and then reinstalled.

So, as far as this part of the changelog:
“- New: As DVD43 is incompatible with AnyDVD, it will now be automatically disabled, if AnyDVD is started.”:

Is now instructed to disable the codecs (or what ever DVD43 made into a system default that messed everyone up) and then will only seek to use it’s own AnyDVD components?

In other words, do you really mean that now both DVD43 and AnyDVD can run without conflict. …not that I understand WHY anyone would want both.


I don’t think so, read again:

  • New: As DVD43 is incompatible with AnyDVD, …

It still is incompatible. AnyDVD just tries to reduce the damage, if someone insists in being stupid.

Ya, I misspoke when I wrote “do you really mean that now both DVD43 and AnyDVD can run without conflict”

I meant even exist on the same machine, which it couldn’t up to now, per the experiences of many.

So it’s just a curiosity question to James about how he went about “disabling” DVD43 when it had to be actually removed from a computer running AnyDVD before

In other words, I am curious about which component of DVD43 was crippling people’s computers with disk recognition problems when AnyDVD existed on the same machine.

“it can now be automatically uninstalled during the installation” suggests, that it should be removed.

Although i use ANYDVD all the time (its an exellent program ) i think to disable other programs is the wrong way to go its a form of blacklisting…
And we all hate that with the protections we have now…
But maybe there is no other way i dont know…

True tru.

As “As DVD43 is incompatible with AnyDVD, it will now be automatically disabled, if AnyDVD is started” suggests James found what the conflict was and disabled it.

I’m sure you won’t mind if I get my curiosity satisfied.

Best regards,

  • New: As DVD43 is incompatible with AnyDVD, it can now be
    automatically uninstalled during the installation.
  • New: As DVD43 is incompatible with AnyDVD, it will now be
    automatically disabled, if AnyDVD is started.

    You have a point, but the user has a choice in this situation.
    Uninstall it completely with the install or how I interpret it, when AnyDVD starts, DVD43 will be disabled only, and is still functional when AnyDVD is not running.

I just installed and it was the usual installation, I saw no difference in the install or the options in the program itself that makes mention of DVD43.
I can only assume this is the case because I don’t have DVD43 installed.
A question comes to mind though, what will happen if I install DVD43 tomorrow, will AnyDVD permit me to uninstall it, and will AnyDVD automatically disable it when it starts since it was not present when I updated AnyDVD.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, does ANYDVD check if DVD43 is present each time AnyDVD starts. Maybe James or Tru can answer how this works.


Agree … mostly. I think uninstalling another program would be real nasty coming from microsoft but I have a hard time criticizing a lovable company like Slysoft (since we are given a choice if, as itzbinnice suggests, we actually had DVD43 on our systems) when it was probably just selfish or poorly thought out code or install routine that DVD43 used to make it’s program work with windows. I suppose it could have been a belligerently competative move on DVD43’s part(?) But how would we know unless we saw the code like James does.

But I think simply disabling a program so that AnyDVD can be run without a known system conflict is ethical.

In the end, AnyDVD is so far superior (in simplicity, elegance of execution, conservation of system resources and updating response time) to DVD43 that I’m sorry for people who obtained it.

During installation, AnyDVD does suggest to uninstall DVD43. Having both programs installed at the same time is not recommended and could cause unpredictable behaviour.
If DVD43 is installed and the AnyDVD tray application is started, DVD43 will be stopped, because otherwise every DVD which is inserted will be completely invisible. If you look through the discussion boards, you will see people posting such problems.
I believe, that the new feature to switch off DVD43 or suggesting to ununstall it will improve the reliability of the customer’s computer. I don’t consider this “blacklisting”. If you have a better suggestion, please let me know. But don’t tell me “pop up a dialog box and tell the user”. Nobody reads this.
Nobody knows, that the right mouse button is used for help in AnyDVD settings, but EVERY TIME you install an update, you have to see the “use the right mouse button” dialog.

They should not exist together on the same machine, as some people have reported problems. The DVD43 driver seems to cause conflicts, even if DVD43 is not active.

If you install DVD43 after AnyDVD, AnyDVD will not uninstall it, if it is started. Instead, it assumes that you want it this way, but it switches DVD43 off, if the tray application is started.
Maybe AnyDVD should ask, if you want to uninstall DVD43 every time you start AnyDVD?

It checks, if DVD43 is running each time it starts.

This might upset some people, even if it is done for their own good.

Thank you for the explanation.

I think you’re right it may upset some people but would spare us all unnecessary time helping those with issues that are caused by both programs being installed.

I think that’s an outstanding solution James came up with by AnyDVD checking and disabling DVD43 each time it runs. The only problem I foresee is when people have AnyDVD configured to autostart, it will always be running when Windows starts therefore disabling DVD43. If a person then tries to use DVD43 it won’t work for them.
Both progarms can coexist as long as they’re not configured for autostart with Windows.

Why some individuals would want both programs installed is beyond me, but as we well know they do, and post their problems.

I’m going to offer an opinion on this one. As long as people are made aware ahead of time that this is going to happen and that they have a choice in the matter, I don’t see the problem personally. It’s programs that go behind your back that you have to worry about and that is simply not the case here. Slysoft is trying to be proactive about helping people (and reducing their support emails to be sure!!) to avoid conflicts on their machine. I’d find it REALLY difficult to argue against this behavior as long as it’s well done and keeps the user informed about what’s going on. So, kudos for this option as I think it will help in the long run. (and let’s face it guys, if you paid for AnyDVD why do you need DVD43 anyway? the only ones who could possibly complain are those who are trialing AnyDVD but even then you wouldn’t want to judge a program based upon hobbling it in the first place)

well no has a problem when 2 similar programs such as ant-virus or firewalls occurs resulting in uninstalling or non instal of one the similar programs
same difference
Just my 2 cents

Is this beta AnyDVD a 21 days trial version?

Yes it is.

Hello Folks,

I am pleased to see that the SlySoft Technical Support Staff is working on improvements in the AnyDVD software program which will make the program run smother and prevent some of the conflict error problems encountered when the DVD43 software program is installed at the same time the AnyDVD software program is present.

I personally believe James is tackling the DVD43 problem in the correct manner. If a ‘Disabling DVD43 Notice’ is displayed and worded properly and explains why the DVD43 program is being disabled I believe users will not be offended and will not have any problems with the actions taken by AnyDVD.

As a Forum Member who occasionally attempts to provide assistance to Forum Members encountering problems with AnyDVD-CloneDVD I welcome the efforts of James and the SlySoft Technical Support Staff to alleviate the AnyDVD-DVD43 problem.

Best Regards,

Thank you!!