AnyDvd Released!

Look Here: :bow:

AnyDVD History, 2005 10 27

  • New: Added functionality to remove invalid VOBUs from a
    title set to the option to remove “Protection based on
    unreadable Sectors”. This fixes the error message “Out
    of memory” from DVDShrink with some DVDs, which suffer
    from a certain mastering error.
  • Fix: The option to remove “Protection based on unreadable
    Sectors” could cause DVDShrink to abort with an “invalid
    Navigation structure” error with some DVDs, which suffer
    from a certain mastering error.
  • Fix: Setup program did not delete obsolete RegCheck.exe
    file from previous installations
  • Fix: Undesired high CPU use for several minutes when
    checking for program update via internet connection

well not really RELEASED, it is still a beta as it says in the Bewitched thread.

You won’t get it via the update system yet.

Ops! I’m sorry… :bow:

Version is not a beta anymore :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Just tried that & although it did say, on d/l it said
Anyone else tried this.

Yup. The same here. :slight_smile:


you are not alone. The download still offers SetupAnyDVD5441.exe.

Hi :slight_smile:
For those curious I did proceed with d/l & it was indeed

Yes it it is the if you download, the file size for that is 1196 KB where it illustrates as being 1197 KB. I guess they just firgot to modify the link

Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks eltranquil & Nemesys. :clap:
Thanks to you itzbinnice for speedy response. :clap: :clap:
& not doubting your word, but I put piccies before. So I thought one last one.

Perfect!!! :iagree:

The link must have been fixed, it now displays the as the downloaded file.

Edited for typo.

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry if I didn’t make it clear,that was my point in last post (#11)this thread. That the link was now fine. Hence yet another of my piccies. :iagree:

I think that James looks frequently at the AnyDVD forum, so it’s no big surprise that the link has been quickly fixed. :wink: :bow:


I take it this is the trial version.How many copies do you get or is this a trial priod only for 21 days? If so does anyone have good keys?

Does any new on the forum read rules before to post? :confused:

Anyway, yes: at Slysoft have very good keys

Please do not ask that question again on this forum.

Hi :slight_smile:
No this is a full version, which you can use for a trial period of 21 days. Any updates during that time can be used also. For free.
I have very good keys, but they’re mine.
Slysoft have plenty for the right price.
At present a discount is being offered. See here