AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter

Hey all … I’m coming up to speed on the use of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2(.8.5.1) but still have DVD Decrypter loaded (which has worked fine right up until I ran into ‘BEWITCHED’ - DVDD just couldn’t crack Sony ARccOS).
I made my backup of ‘B…’ using CloneDVD2 (see:
and scroll down to post # 145 - I haven’t figured out how to create a link to a specific post that preserves the entire page - tips please, anyone?)
and have as much of the original disc as possible (apparently, I’m not able to capture any of the PC-centric files on the disc) in the form of an ISO file.
I also tried leaving AnyDVD running in the systray and then again attempting to back up "B…’ using DVDD, and, while the type of problem changed from:
Failed to read Sector 737504 - Tracking Servo Failure (ad in finitum)
Sector 729216 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000) (ad in finitum)
I was still unable to complete an error free ISO Read.
Q. - If AnyDVD is ‘unlocking’ the DVD and CloneDVD2 is reading it, is it possible to utilize AnyDVD in conjunction with DVDD in cases where DVDD alone cannot handle the decryption?
You see, I prefer the way DVDD captures the entire disc, 1 for 1, as an ISO file with an MDS cue file to permit writing back to both DL media formats - not just DVD+R DL.

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When you refer to another post, if it’s singular. Click post # (145)top right.Then copy that URL. The result is this
Back to your query, if DVDDecryptor was doing what you wanted then carry on. AnyDVD running in the background will remove the nasties that DVEDecryptor found difficult before. If you find it doesn’t. Try just dragging contents of DVD over to hd, then start from there.

Hey zebadee … thanks for helping out … I’m actually trying to figure out how to link to a specific post on a given page while preserving the display of the entire page, not the View Single Post feature, as you have demonstrated for me.
Anyhow, if I understand you correctly, AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter are compatible and perhaps complimentary, however, as I pointed out, DVDD still can’t do an error-free ISO Read of ‘B…’ - even with AnyDVD running in the systray.
So, re: your second suggestion, to drag entire contents of DVD disc over to an HDD - what specifically will this accomplish? Will AnyDVD decrypt the dragged content when it copies it to the HDD? Thereby simplifying DVDD’s job of doing an ISO Read?

This has been discussed here many times before: The pack header error is completely normal, when AnyDVD is used.
For example, look here:

Thanks Tru … appreciate the help and that good info …

DVDD still can’t do an error-free ISO Read of ‘B…’

You will find if your rip in file mode you will have less trouble.

arniebear … my overall objective is to create 1 for 1 backup copies … my understanding is that DVDD3.5.4.0 File Mode will only capture the VIDEO_TS folder … but thanks for the thought …


If you want to be able to use DVD Decrypter in ISO mode, what I recommend is that you use the elbycdio driver in DVD Decrypter. Keep AnyDVD active while doing the ISO read. Go to DVD Decrypter settings and the I/O tab and make sure ElbyCDIO is selected and you should have no problems ripping pretty much any movie as an ISO.

Right on SamuriHL … that is definately something I hadn’t been fully aware of.
Thanks eh?

Original Post#1

So exactly what progarm do you have, the genuine CloneDVD2 V
or the imposter, Clonedvd 3.5.40?

He’s referring to DVD Decrypter in conjunction with CloneDVD2(the real one from Elby).

What type of DVD Drive are you using??

Yeah yeah on #11 … and, justcallmebob, I’m using an older Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-106 to Read with.

Were you able to rip the DVD as an ISO using the ElbyCDIO option in DVDD like we discussed earlier?

SamuriHL … I don’t have that ‘B…’ DVD right now to try that with … 2 for 1 Wednesday’s coming though … will get back to this thread then … thanks …

SamuriHL (and all) … OK … got hold of another new Sony DVD release: STEALTH …
tried to create ISO Read backup with DVDD3.5.4.0 (set to run with ElbyCDIO [.DLL - Version] option) and AnyDVD running (in systray). This was not successful and failed (as before with ‘B …’) with:
“Sector 275424 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)”
Any other thoughts about what my issue could be? (Other than what I’m trying to do may not be possible?)

I just picked that up last night. Haven’t tried to rip it yet. Give me a bit to mess with it and get back to you.

EDIT: Jeez, I’m not awake yet. I just saw that you’re running Upgrade immediately. :slight_smile: That’ll solve your problem.

Right on! … thanks & FFF standing by …

See my edited comment :slight_smile:

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In this day and age of ever changing copy protection schemes that are used in Commercial DVD Movie Titles it is important to ensure that you are always using the latest most up to date version of the AnyDVD software program.

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