AnyDVD black screen on MCE 2005

I downloaded the trial of AnyDVD last night and when I try to watch a region 2 DVD on my MCE computer I just get a black screen. I tried four different R2 DVDs and each did the same thing.

I checked the forums and AnyDVD is supposed to be compatable with MCE. Has anyone else had this problem?

System Config:
Dell 8400, P4 3.0Ghz HT, MCE 2005 Rollup 2, 1GB RAM, 2.6TB hard drive space, ATI X300 Video, Sony DVD DDU1615, Angel Dual Video Capture Card

Any help would be great,


@ jafo5236,

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It appears that you have some conflicting 3rd party software program running in the back ground (Anti Virus Scanner, Packet Writing Software, FileSystem extension).

Suggest closely analyzing what software program you have installed and by trial and error one by one deactivate unnecessary programs until your “Black Screen” problem disappears.

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Any Dvd Thanks A Lot