AnyDVD New Version

Just released Its on their website ( not a beta )

Downloading now!!! btw, heres the link:

Downloaded and installed, works fine, still detected by AntiVir as a trojan virus.
Is anybody else getting virus detections?

As we said in the OTHER THREAD Use a different antivirus!!!

thx for the info on the new update

:bow: I have, I removed AntiVir, and installed AVG. works fine.
Is AntiVir wrong? I have used AntiVir for years, no problems.
I have tried to contact AntiVir with the problem, no response.
I will give AVG a try, and see how it goes. :cool:

See how you like AVG, if you like it, use it. If you decide to try another program, check out Nod32.

I recommend AVG or NOD32. NOD32 is a little faster and lighter, and finds more viruses, but also costs $$. :slight_smile:

Some people also recommend AVAST, which is free.

Kaspersky will get EVERYTHING, but it’ll also make your machine run like mud.

I wouldn’t use AntiVir at this point, or McAfee, or Norton, or F-Prot, or any of those. :stuck_out_tongue:

No false positive with my “AntiVirenKit 2005 Professional” (Kaspersky + Bitdefender) from GData either. The file from Slysoft is clean.

Does anyone have a clue which new protection it is that is mentioned in the changelog? Could it be related to our friends from Macrovision? :bigsmile:

Please, somebody who knows, shed some light into the dark… :bow: :wink:

According to the info posted on TackTech the changelog is;

* New: Added support for a new protection as found on "Vet Hard" R2 (Netherlands) to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
* New: Added AnyDVD version to information window
* Change: CSS Key Archive is now disabled by default.
* Fix: Long delay when inserting UDF packet written media
* Some minor fixes and improvements

THAT would be cool! :cool:
I don’t know, but “Vet Hard” is - AFAIK - no SONY pictures (Columbia, TriStar) release, so it probably is not Arccos.
Here is a link to the “Vet Hard” Website:

Yes, you are right, this movie is not a SONY flick. I checked for this movie yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be associated with SONY at all. So, I am very keen to know what was introduced here… :cool: