AnyDVD broken

Buffy the vampire slayer season 4 disc 5 (and maybe rest), dragged over to hard drive but files would not play correct (seems like css not removed correct). works fine with AnyDVD

Buffy the vampire slayer (Pal UK Region 2+4). :sad:

Any idea when this will be fixed ? as there are other dvd’s that used to work but nolonger do. TIA.

Try to disable the CSS archive in AnyDVD settings. You don’t need to drag the files to harddisk to check, just test if PowerDVD (or other player) plays correctly with AnyDVD enabled.

They play ok in powerdvd anyways m8 problem is only when i drag them over (but dragging works in older anydvd),

CSS archive is already disabled (also tried with it on).

my trial version for anydvd expired. please help… what to do?

Buy the new version. If you like the software " Buy it ". You have had 21 days to see if its works. Your decision.:iagree:

I totally agree as you should have less problems if you buy it :iagree: