found this on another forum slysoft hasn’t updated their site yet…
haven’t tried it yet so do so at your own risk…

AnyDVD - 2005 05 03

  • New: Improved option “Jump to Main Movie”
    Works now with several titles, which didn’t work
    before, e.g. Coffee and Cigarettes, German.
  • Change: Improved RegAnyDVD.exe
  • Fix: Stability problems in certain configurations
  • Fix: Unhandled exception
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages"




I was trying the new version in a machine, so I downloaded it, installed it and rebooted.

The fox icons reported 0,0,0 ¿? Ok, it didn’t detect any drive though Windows did. So I think it’s a beta, and I downloaded the and installed it on top of the installation and rebooted.

Now the fox recognized the drives but not the discs…

Then, I uninstalled. Rebooted, removed nerocheck ( from startup, and installed the Now everything is working.

It was on P4, XP Professional 32 bits. No warning nor errors in the event viewer…

So nerocheck is doing really bad in 64 and in 32 systems… What is the purpose of the nerocheck???

#3 has to be a Beta, two days after release it still shows as most current on their site.


Beta would be my best guess. I haven’t gotten notification of this new version of AnyDVD and I have mine set to notify when the newest one is available for download ( is the most current actual release from what I can tell).



That update.slysoft is rather strange. Reason for me saying so, if you were to download from slysoft, it would download from static.slysoft

kinda odd to have update and not static, and you have stated that you got it from another site…


If you put that URL without the file name in the address box, it takes you to the Slysoft website.