AnyDVD problem

Hi Ollie,

Here is another interesting problem…

This happened twice with two different DVDs:

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Region 1
De-Lovely Region 4

The reader is set to region 4 and it can read, with the help of AnyDVD, any other region. With these two DVDs, AnyDVD detects the DVD and does its business. When CloneDVD checks the media, the media is not there!

Pausing the mouse on the AnyDVD icon in the tray, the icon disappears: AnyDVD has been terminated and the drive also, is not recognized by Windows anymore.

Using the Hardware manager, I deleted the drive, removed the media and Windows installed it again. Then I fired up DVD Decrpter that detected the media, cracked all the CSS keys and I copied the contents to the HD. Then CloneDVD processed it OK and burnt the whole thing.

In the same session of Windows I processed other DVDs, region 4 and 2. No problems, AnyDVD still alive and well.

How about that?


I have the same problem, but I just restart my pc and everthing goes back to normal, I don have to delete drives or anything like that, the dvds that crash/closedanydvd were:
Finding Nemo US Regs. 1&4
Hidalgo US
dodge ball us
maximum pussy

Could all having problems please try this version:, 2005 05 03

  • New: Improved option “Jump to Main Movie”
    Works now with several titles, which didn’t work
    before, e.g. Coffee and Cigarettes, German.
  • Change: Improved RegAnyDVD.exe
  • Fix: Stability problems in certain configurations
  • Fix: Unhandled exception
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages


You guys are amazing!!