AnyDVD Crashes/Closes down!

AnyDVD detects the DVD and does its business. When CloneDVD checks the media, the media is not there!

the AnyDVD icon in the tray, the icon disappears: AnyDVD has been terminated and the drive also, is not recognized by Windows anymore.
I have to restart the PC, disable AnyDVD and the dvd its now recognized, any suggestions??

Temporal work around:
I downgraded to any DVD and problem solved, any dvd reads the media perfectly, it does not crash/close, after testing I discover the anyDvd wil crash, close after reading media locked to 2 or more regions.
Ollie, are you there???..

I am having a far more severe issue severe issue with AnyDVD It completely crashes my XP box and I can’t even boot to safe mode. After completely rebuilding my PC today and inserting a DVD, my pc crashes and will no longer boot. When I rebuild it again, I’d like to install version as that worked fine. Can anyone provide a link to that version or an let me know when a new version is expected?

I too was having problems on whereby films that never usually had a problem shrinking were telling me that I would need to decrypt the whole DVD first, never had this before until I upgraded. I’ve now gone back to and normal service is resumed.

I have a P4 3ghz HT, don’t know if this is the reason ?

I have a copy of this, I have uploaded to you can download from the following link


thanks andy

Were you able to get the file from Kopite4Eva? if not let me have an e-mail and I’ll send it to you, or anybody else that needs it.
Also I had to reload the whole operating system, something corrupted all my files right after upgrading to, I’m running a P4, 1GB of ram, 1memorex 16X16 external, and 1 internal drive HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC4241-N All in One
Any Suggestions?
Now I am blaming it On Any DVD! just to let you know all. So I’m gonna do more testing and I will let you know.

Had the same problem, so I downgraded to as well. works fine! It’s not entirely’s problem though. I’ve read so many threads in many forums, and works for some people, and not for others. It must be some compatibility issue with the hardware, is my guess.

In any case, if 5.1 no longer works for you, downgrade to 4.6 (don’t downgrade to any other version 5 because you might have the same problem).

So far, my AnyDvd has not crashed but GOOD LUCK getting ANY help from ANY-DVD customer service! :iagree:

@ monument,

As a registered user of AnyDVD for almost 2 years I take offence concerning your comment about AnyDVD Customer Service.

When you report problems concerning AnyDVD to the Tech Support staff and provide sufficient information as to exactly what the problem is the AnyDVD Tech Support staff corrects the problem in a quick and timely manner.

Exactly what is your complaint with AnyDVD Customer Service and in particular AnyDVD version

Best Regards,

Great first post. Slamming one of the few software vendors out there that actually support their product! :frowning:


i was able to get and i was also able to get my machine to come up in safe mode. After uninstalling and restarting everything seems fine. I just installed and everything is back to normal.

btw: i’m running an Athlon XP 3600, 1gb ram, w/ 2 sony dual layer dvd burners.


Hmm, when did they start making XP 3600’s?

Could all having problems please try this version:, 2005 05 03

  • New: Improved option “Jump to Main Movie”
    Works now with several titles, which didn’t work
    before, e.g. Coffee and Cigarettes, German.
  • Change: Improved RegAnyDVD.exe
  • Fix: Stability problems in certain configurations
  • Fix: Unhandled exception
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

monument, have you ever looked around these forums and seen the hundreds of posts by James and Olli? They take the barest information along with rants and raves and turn it into a fix that solves everyone’s problem. I am suprised they keep coming back to the forums with some of the posts they get. I have never seen James show irritation when he replies, though I wouldn’t blame him if he did. Now, Olli does get a little pissed sometimes and tells you about it. :slight_smile: I have never had better support with any software, and I hope James and Olli keep coming back and helping us out.

is the full fix or is it a beta version for the fix for 5111??

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Good ? is the new AnyDVD update beta? Although I'm not having any problems with the latest ones. ;)