Anydvd problem

I updated to anydvd last night and now I cannot copy. I am also using clonedvd2, which I also updated last night. I get a message after inserting a blank dvd. The message lists several things, like the dvd is dirty or damaged. Please help, I am new to this.

I finally copied a dvd but it took 3 hours.

Do you use CloneDVD? Maybe you want to look here:

I had the same problem after upgrading to 5.1.01. I just un-installed and re-installed and all is well…

:frowning: To olli whom all seem to hail!

There is a major problem with your new version of both AnyDVD and CloneDVD. All we ask for is a easy link to be able to re-download previous versions. I have used both of these softwares without any problems in the past, however, these two are absolutely horrible!! As a paying customer I just want a link too the last working versions of each that have nothing to do with 64 bits which seems to be the main problem with these two new versions. I hope you can work on separating the two, as most people will not have 64 bit capability for some time.

P.S. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled both, there are still problems

Thank You,

It seems like your trying to solve a problem that is not Slysofts or Ollie’s. I’m sure that you, like the rest of us receive a update notification from both AnyDVD and CloneDVD when they are available. The update notice never suggest that you delete all previously downloaded versions on your machine.

Managing your software is your problem, might I suggest that in the future you create a folder named “AnyDVD” and one called “CloneDVD” under a Download directory. Store you reg.key in the root of both and keep three or four versions back so you can recover from any problems you may experience with new versions! Pretty simple solution…

You are funny PCDog!

Olli suggested we install the latest version for other problems and fixes the older version had! I expect the new version to work as advertise and not have TONS of problems this newer version is giving everyone–There is an OBVIOUS FLAW in this new version as you see tons of people are complaining of the same thing after D/L the new one!!! Its not US its the SOFTWARE

Granted I love this program but its got to work–dont you think?

There is no argument that there’s some bugs in this release. The fact is that no one should be blowing previous versions away before proving satisfactory results. Do you buy Office 2003, install it and then through the disc away? Oh, guess you could call MS and beg for a replacement. Wonder how that would go…

There are more than some bugs in this release, it does not work for a major group of customers. It would only be good customer service to repost the old versions. It’s not like it would be a major effort.

Hi all i do have a 64bit system and also had probs with :frowning: but i did save the last version :smiley:



Thank you sir…

I save all the versions, just in case. Thay don’t take up too much room. :bigsmile:

I am using both of the new versions and and they are working like a champ. No problems on this end.

No problems with Burn DVDs in 35 minutes. :smiley:

I agree, Anydvd & Clonedvd2 are acting funny. I use to launch Anydvd first, put in DVD and copy, now I have to put movie in first and launch Anydvd, try Clonedvd (tells me it’s protected) shut down Anydvd, relaunch it, then it will let me copy it. A couple of times Clonedvd was 50% or better into copying it, then it comes up with “The device is not ready” and I have to start over. Seems like there is still a problem???


If I might suggest…

I’m running two dual-boot 64bit systems. These latest versions install and run fine on the 32bit side of the O/S but have problems on the 64bit side. Here’s what I did to fix my problems. Instead of installing AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, CloneCD and Virtual in the %root%/Program Files (x32) folder, I installed them (forcefully) into the %root%/Program Files folder. My drive detetction and dirty disk errors cleaned right up. Thanks for a great product but you may want to work that into the install routine. If installing on a 64bit system with a 64bit O/S, it should be reading the reg and installinf into the proper folders (without the x32, since it doesn’t need the WOW64 support.

Cheers Mate.

The x32 folder is correct, as the programs do need WOW64 support.

I’m Having Mucho Problems…made A Few Coasters This Weekend. I Was Able To Get The New Versions To Work With Regular Dvd-r But If I Try A Dvd Dl I’m Getting A Bad Media Error…i Never Had These Problems Until I Upgraded…help Olli

What Other Programs Can I Use Anydvd With ???