Anydvd 4.x messes up dvd autorun



This is a bug I have noticed in versions 4.x of anydvd. Cannot be corrected by unchecking ‘Autorun on dvd’ either.


Sorry, I cannot reproduce this.

What exactly happens when you insert a DVD?
Does ist spin up? Does the AnyDVD icon changes its color?
Do you see the volume label in explorer?
Does it happen with all drives? (If you only have one drive, try a virtual drive like Virtual CloneDrive)
What drive causes this error? Is it a Pioneer Slot-In drive?
What Operating System are you using?
Does AutoInsert Notification / Autoplay work correctly, if AnyDVD is off (grey icon)?

Thank you!


Forget my post. I believe I’ve found the problem. Next beta version should fix it.


Could you please try this beta release? It should fix your problem:


Dear SlySoft:
I jusi updated to v4.5.0.1

new two function

Show Information window of new media enabled
Testing by Gothika(region 2 PAL)

But "enable logging " is new function made me a little confused…
Can you tell me what is meaning,thank you


Always click the right mouse button for instant help. If you do, you will see this:

“If this option is enabled, AnyDVD will write a logfile “AnyDVD_log.txt” in your “Documents” folder. Only enable this option, if you want to send a bug report to SlySoft.”


I just saw AnyDVD_log.txt" in my “Documents” folder,thank you


Did it fix the problem???!!



Thanks, I will download and try it out.


Seems to work fine now :slight_smile:

Well done.


Ok, i was jumping to conclusions. It still appears to have problems. Right now it will autoplay cd’s and non video dvd’s but when a dvd video is inserted the player will spin for a few seconds and then do nothing. Also, the name of the disc is not displayed in explorer. Generally, it just seems inconsistant with its autoplay handling.
Pioneer A08XLA burner (tray type)
Windows XP sp2
The fox stays red
The autoplay works fine if anydvd is disabled (grey)


Unfortunately, even this 4521 version is not handling autorun with a great deal of consistancy. What exactly was changed in regards to autorun compare to version 3 of Anydvd? Version 3 does not have any problem with autorun.


The change which seems to cause this problem is, that AnyDVD locks the filesystem for exclusive use, makes its changes, and releases the filesystem again. This was done, so software accessing the drive is notified of content change (if you altered settings, or disabled/enabled AnyDVD).
The problem with early 4.x versions was, that a devicechange could be broadcasted while AnyDVD has locked the filesystem. Such a broadcast would be unnoticed by explorer as AnyDVD has still locked the media for exclusive use, so autoplay would not work. Depending on the system configuration this race condition could cause AutopPlay to malfunction. should not have this problem anymore, because it always unlocks the filesystem before the devicechange event occurs.
I don’t know, why you still have problems. But I have prepared a beta version with a different locking, which hopefully solves your problem. I have sent you the link via PM.
Please let me know, if autoplay now works as expected.


Unfortunately you did not tell me, if your problem is gone. As you did not complain about the last beta versions, I assume that the problem is fixed now.



Have exactly tihs problem with AnyDVD - Auto-insert only works normally when AnyDVD is switched off (de-activated).

When AnyDVD is switched on again, WinDVD no longer automatically starts when new DVD is inserted.

Any thoughts?



@ mlemartien,

If you desire to have the AutoRun feature enabled when AnyDVD is activated open AnyDVD and navigate to the ‘Feature Removal’ and de-select ‘PC Friendly (AutoRun On Video DVD)’.

Removing ‘AutoRun’ feature is one of the highly desirable features of the AnyDVD software program. It should be noted that it is highly desirable in this day and age not to have AutoRun enabled because of all the trickery and devious content that the Commercial Move Corporations now incorporate on their Commercial Move Titles. Play it safe any always have ‘AutoRun’ feature disabled because it just might prevent you from having to reformat your Hard Drive because you had some malware similar to the Rootkit garbage installed on your computer.

Best Regards,


That is a fair comment; I will probably follow your recommendation.

This being said, unchecking the option does not trigger auto-insert process. Will be using the AnyDVD built-in auto-run option to do the same then.

Still, I do need to find a way to force WinDVD to start reading the media once it’s been launched by AnyDVD.



Still, I do need to find a way to force WinDVD to start reading the media once it’s been launched by AnyDVD.

I just click on the WinDVD icon to start playing the movie.


If you just hit “play” in WinDVD, it will read the disc in your first DVD drive by default. :slight_smile:


Agree with recent, above postings advice. Just play via manual methods. Autorun is far too dangerous a “feature” to have activated these days. Opens a security “portal” to your system that is just as threatening as being on the internet without a firewall.