AnyDVD 4.6.31

Is there somewhere I can download AnyDVD V4.6.3.1? I would like to have this as a backup b4 the 64 bit version came out. I deleted the old setup file when I downloaded the newer one :frowning: I am having no problems with the new versions but would like it just as a back-up. BTW. I am a registered user :slight_smile: Thanks!!


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emule or edonkey.

Warning, there is a troyan on emule / edonkey.

@dc1n2 :
I upload AnyDVD v4.6.3.1 setup file to rapidshare de
I always keep old version :bigsmile:

can anyone please help me find the v4.6.3.1 i tried the linlks here with no success.
the last two versions 5.0, and 5.1… have made burning an impossibility. i am not sure what is wrong with them, but i even trien to burn dvd without encryption and it had errors and got hung. it is not the pc/burner… i have two pc that have stopped since upgrading the anydvd. does anyone have any solutions. i am using the dvdxcopy platinium with psidoc upgrade. thanks gene.

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