AnyDVD and Mr. 3000

I have found the Mr. 3000 is unplayable while AnyDVD is running in the background. DVD Shrink would also freeze while analysing. Power DVD freezes at the main menu of the movie. I disabled AnyDVD and all was well. Any ideas?

try dvd decrypter and see if that helps any.I also would try another dvd app instead of power dvd,like winDvd or Quicktime alternative(this ones free).Sounds like anydvd is conflicting with powerDvd.

AnyDVD is not conflicting with PowerDVD. Some option is conflicting with this particular DVD (RCE, protection removal, jump to title, etc.).
Or it is a driver conflict.

I seems to me that it is some conflict between AnyDVD and this particular movie, because it does the same thing in PowerDVD, WinDVD, and Windows Media Player. Once I disable AnyDVD it plays fine.

You could check, which AnyDVD option causes the problem.

Try DVD Region+CSS Free. I was having the same problem with Anydvd and The Forgotten. Read the thread, “Anydvd.” DVD Region+CSS Free has a free trial also.
Now I have a perfect backup copy of the Forgotten and no lockups.

Good luck!

Your problem was different. It is not helpful to resolve problems with AnyDVD by suggesting a different program (especially in the AnyDVD forum). Switching to a different program will never reveal the cause of the problem.
I suggest to deactivate the AnyDVD “Feature removal” options one by one, to see which causes the problem.

I had all the features turned off when this error occured. It’s not a big deal because I can just disable AnyDVD and the problem goes away. I just thought I’d bring the error up and see if this was a known problem and there was a fix.

Sorry Olli,just tryin to help. :o

Hi, I want to purchase this DVD for analysis, but I need some details.
The title is Mr. 3000, Country (probably US)? Widescreen or Fullscreen version?
Thank you!

Mr. 3000

Sorry Olli,

Before I spend a dime on any program it better perform. Seems to me that anydvd has to many bugs. Is this a beta test forum? :bigsmile: Maybe this is why Slysoft will not refund customers money because they know there are problems. :a The free 21 day trial is not enough time for me to decide if anydvd is worth the purchase. At this point, it’s not. Why shouldn’t people know of another program that may be better.
This will be my last forum message. I will go to a real forum on A program that works. By the way, I would of sent this as a private message, However you don’t receive them.

You will be missed!!! :Z


Still having problems with Mr. 3000 rack04?

I thought you were away to a real forum :rolleyes: and you want more help after slagging of the program saying it has too many bugs, see yah. :bigsmile:

i have tested dvdidle before buying anydvd

but my experience was that dvdidle is either a big joke or a fake program
it produced only non working dvd’s

i tried any dvd then and was impressed i purchased it on the second
day of using it…didn’t need to have a 21 free trial period

any dvd works 100% like it should and if new copy protections arise
slysoft releases upgraded versions within the fastest time possible

on a scale from 1 to 10 (where 10 means best)

any dvd get’s a 10+
dvd idle doesn’t made it to the scale (sorry :bigsmile: )

You can send him an email, it’s in his public profile. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no problems with Mr. 3000 whatsoever. I’d say you most likely got a bad disc and it wasn’t even the new version of AnyDVD I was using at that point in time. Think it was or whatever - I know I wasn’t even up on yet and now I’m finally up on and have no issues with it so far. :slight_smile:

I have no problems at all, I am using the latest clonedvd, anydvd, and the latest powerdvd. I only turn anydvd on when I am copying dvds, it is off at all other times as there is no use for it any other time. :iagree:

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind