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AnyDVD History, 2005 01 09

  • New: Information window, which shows what AnyDVD is doing
    (the information is currently only available in english)
  • New: Option to enable logging for troubleshooting
  • New: Added support for a new version of the “Sony ARccOS
    protection” as found on “Resident Evil - Apocalypse” (US)
    or “Little Black Book” (US) to the option to remove
    “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • Fix: Autoplay did not work in some configurations, if
    AnyDVD was enabled
  • Fix: No longer tries to set the read speed, if empty media is
    inserted (could mess up write speed of burning applications)
  • Fix: AnyDVD did not work correctly with Mini-DVDs in
    some CD-ROM drives
  • Fix: Sometimes assumed unprotected DVD-R/RWs are CSS
    protected DVDs with some drives
  • Fix: Possible hang on startup with non CSS protected media
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages


Where is the info of "what AnyDVD is doing.

I upgraded, rebooted, tried to copy a movie, and am still in the dark.

I flunked Mindreading 101, so I would greatly appreciate how I can follow
what’s happening.

Rusty Wright


Dear Friend:

I am not a mind reader either, so I must assume that your post refers to your failure to see the a window pop up when you load a dvd in your computer. If you have the latest version of anydvd installed, a window pops up which details what kind of protection anydvd found on the disc you just loaded (RCE, CSS, region restrictions, etc.). If you do not see that window, it means that although you installed anydvd, you failed to go to your program files to start it up after installation. Please be kind enough to to go the slysoft folder, then click on anydvd. You will see a window pop up asking you to register and after a couple of moments it will let you click on “continue”. After this, you will see an options window detailing the kind of protection settings you can pick, and after you ok this window a tiny red fox icon will appear on your task bar. This means anydvd is active and awaiting your dvds. Now try and load a dvd in your pc and you will see the window pop up you were missing before. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for any distress you may have suffered for not finding this window soon enough. I will try to collect some money and send it to you as compensation. I hope this helps!




“I apologize from the bottom of my heart for any distress you may have suffered for not finding this window soon enough. I will try to collect some money and send it to you as compensation.”

Answering the persons question was thoughtful of you, the sarcasm was not.


I’m sorry…I thought he/she enjoyed sarcasm since he/she used it in his/her post (“I flunked mindreading…”). I sincerely, deeply, and thoroughly apologize if my insensitive remarks caused you any pain. Really.


Yes, it caused me some Pain, some serious side pain, from laughing so hard at all of these silly comments…


Wow, what’s up with all these AnyDVD updates? Well, I hope that with each update the product I paid for gets better…


They were betas and you were the guinea pigs. As you all were brave and good pigs, you now finally get the real thing.

Okay, that wasn’t funny, but at least I tried.


it’s all part of the neverending cycle of defeating DRM technologies…get used to it.


Ollie Wrote:

They were betas and you were the guinea pigs.

OMG, you starting to sound or act like Bill Gates… I believe every OS that was put out was really sometype of Beta…lol


You mean this is the real final and there will be no more updates or beta’s?


EVERYTHING has a bug, and therefore we are all the inverse paid tester. The only bug free thing in this world is that the result is known if you smash a computer with a hammer, however, no matter how much you try, it will always be a different result. Oh woe to the computer user.

Hehe, sorry could not resist with the talk of beta’s.


i hardly think there won’t be any more updates/betas…in fact, you WANT updates to help tackle new copy-protection schemes that will arise in the near future.


The difference is, with Bill Gates you’ll never get the “real thing”, regardless how brave you were. :wink:


No, I was trying to make a joke. I failed.


Olli, without starting an AnyDVD vs DVDIdle battle/flame, please could you tell me how you see AnyDVD in comparison please - I believe DVDIdle is now also driver based rather than using api hooks?

Much appreciated.



Last time I checked, it was not driver based and used API hooks. It was version 5. something, so it was not so long ago. It was at the time Troy was released on DVD in Germany. I remember this, because CloneDVD crashed when reading Troy using DVD Region Free. I haven’t tried again since.