Anydvd beta is out

I’m missing the beta in the history :slight_smile:


Yeah, I saw that too, guess it wasn’t out long enough to record it.
Those guys are fast, when there’s aproblem they address it quickly.

i know anydvd is the best :bigsmile:

:bow: :bow:

I’m not sure if any of you guys noticed this or not but this is CloneDVD forum not AnyDVD forum

Maybe they are trying to draw attention to that prog. trying to make out its as good as Clone dvd :wink: Thats why they posted here. :Z Sad & confused people.

I realized the posting was on the CloneDVD forum, there was a similar one on the AnyDVD forum regarding the announcement of the new version.
Since the programs are usually used together it may prove useful to some.

“Sad & confused people”
That’s not a very nice thing to say about people you don’t even know.