AnyDVD released!, 2004 09 20 (Release candidate 1)

  • New: Option to remove “Copy Protection
    based on unreadable Sectors” now handles multiple
    “read error rings” correctly.
    (e.g., “Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13”, German, and
    “Urmel im Schloss”, German, can now be copied with
    CloneDVD, CloneCD5 or other sector copiers, or
    by copying all files to the harddisk with
    Windows Explorer)
  • Fix: Conflict with AOPEN flash tool
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

Cool :bow: :slight_smile:

Any ETA as to when this will no longer be a beta?

Then when new feature fully working :smiley:

It is fully working now. AnyDVD has “release quality”.

…when all bugs are fixed and they won’t release a new version every two days… :wink: :bigsmile: