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AnyDVD, 2004 07 18

  • New: Workaround for another mastering error.
    This fixes problems with “Wrestlemania 3” (UK)
  • Added Norwegian language
  • Updated Japanese language

I’ve just upgraded to Anydvd and seems to be fine except for one thing, the auto start cancellation function does not seem to be working which I’m not going to lose any sleep over. When I put in a DVD to my drive, the auto start options window comes up, but I just selected “Take no action” and “always do the selected action” so problem solved". Anyone else having the same fault?

Which auto start cancellation function ?

AnyDVD’s Autostart feature says :

If this option is enabled, AnyDVD will be started always on Windows startup

To disable autorun under Windows XP goto :

Start > Run > regedit > OK >
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services > Cdrom>
double-click Autorun and set its data to 0 > OK > reboot PC.

I dont mean the application’s (AnyDVD) autostart. I mean windows autorun,
eg, if you put in a cd-rom of pictures windows shall ask if you want to view the pics in a slide show or open the window etc.

With a DVD you have the option for windows to automatically play the movie with eg PowerDVD or take no action. Do you get me now?

Sorry if my post was a little vague.


Are you refering to the CloneDVD function that is supposed to prevent autorun if the program is open? (never worked for me)

AnyDVD does not prevent DVD’s from autoplaying.

Why should it ?!

Me too.
Gentlemen, pls read my former post carefully, since the main part of it sounded like this :

Or just hold down shift whilst the dvd is being read for the first time after you place it in the drive. This will stop it auto-running. Very useful if you are trying to rip audio files off a protected dvd/cd.

Don’t need to do this with AnyDVD. It will kill Audio CD protections, and it will kill software starting software on VideoDVDs (e.g., PC-Friendly or “visit the Concorde Home Video Website” crap) if you want.

This is the subtle difference from disabling Autorun / Autostart in Windows completely. Because I want Autorun/Autostart to run (I want my Zoom Player to start with VideoDVDs, my Audio Player with AudioCDs). I do not want to start computer programs from AudioCDs or VideoDVDs.
This is what AnyDVD can do for you, and it is doing it perfectly.

BoSkin, I’m not confused on the situation. I stated that AnyDVD does not perform this operation. “Why should it?” I’m not saying it should… I know how to prevent Autorun/play.

No slightest doubt about it. :slight_smile: