AnyDVD is now available

yep the latest and great version is now available - just Click here for it right now!

Changes as follows:, 2004 07 13

  • New: Greatly improved read speed of CSS protected DVDs
    with Plextor Drives PXW-708 and PXW-712
    For the improved speed you must set AnyDVD’s drive speed
    control to “Fast & Noisy”
  • New: Added simple Editor to change CSS Key values
    or the “substitute” flag in the AnyDVD archive
  • New: Improved display of Title Sets in CSS key
    archive browser
  • New: Windows AutoInsertNotification will be temporary
    disabled, if the Settings window is open.
  • New: Added “Silent Install” option.
    (SetupAnyDVD.exe /S)
  • New: The driver will now switch into “Safe Mode” on
    program exit on Windows 2000/XP
  • New: More conservative driver design on Windows 2000/XP
  • New: Windows 2000/XP driver will automatically adapt its
    operation depending on the behaviour of the underlying
    port driver. This greatly improves compatibility with
    other 3rd party drivers.
  • Change: After a fresh installation of AnyDVD, “SafeMode”
    is now switched off, because many InterVideo DVDCopy2
    customers complained.
  • Change: The disabled “SafeMode” box is no longer checked on
    Windows 9X/ME, as many customers were confused.
  • Change: Clicking “Default” in the settings dialog will no
    longer change the “SafeMode” setting.
  • Fix: Changing “Safe Mode” in the settings dialog had no
    effect, until inserted media has been removed
  • Fix: “Blue Screen of Death” crash 0x7E 0xC0000005 with some
    applications (e.g., Virtual PC 2004) on Windows 2000/XP
  • Some other fixes and improvements


Just tried to download the new version and the download works ok but it comes up with an error message when I try to open the downloaded file.

NSIS Error
Installer Verification Failed

any ideas?


There might have been a transmission problem, try downloading the file again.

Olli - I have tried that and try each day - strange - I had no problem downloading the original software and I purchased the ‘unlock key’ (again with no problem) - the software works great!!! I suppose I don’t really need the update (I am not a computer wiz when it comes to technical inards). Thanks for your help!


i tried to copy a DVD called the Bunker. This DVD is released in the Netherlands and this stops at 9%. It says unreadable because of cyclic redundancy errors. I rented another copy and the result was the same. Seems like a new copyprotection, any change of an update soon?