AnyDVD, 2004 06 08

  • New: Added “Jump to Main Movie” feature. Cool!
    (This option is off by default)
  • New: Software and Hardware Region Code removal are now
    two separate options
  • New: Added several workarounds for wrongly mastered titles
  • New: Added warning dialog, if AnyDVD detects an unrecoverable
    Video DVD mastering error
  • New: Pressing ESC will leave the settings dialog
  • New: Workaround for problems with incorrectly mastered DVDs like
    “Jim Knopf und Lucas, der Lokomotivführer”, “Urmel aus dem Eis”
    and “Peter Finzel Test Disc V2”
  • New: .bup files can now be at any sector address on the DVD
    and do not need to follow the video material
    This fixes problems with DVDs created with broken mastering
    software or DVDs created as DVD-ROMs instead of Video DVDs.
  • New: All I/O is now moved to a separate thread to improve response
    time of the User Interface
  • Fix: AnyDVD did not work correctly, if .bup files were missing.
    This fixes problems with wrongly mastered Video DVDs.
  • Change: Description in version resource of
    application. The old entry “watch & copy any DVD!”
    confused some people.
  • Fix: Read error could lead to AnyDVD hang using
    100% CPU load
  • Fix: Deadlock when clicking into tray icon
  • Fix: Hang on program exit
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated ElbyCDIO
  • Updated languages

Really nice changelog

Confused some people. How :confused: I would of thought the meaning of Watch and Copy any DVD would be understood by everyone, even those with low I.Q’s

I agree. Always nice to see a long list in a version history.
GoodJob SlySoft :slight_smile:

Yes !!! and quite fast !! :bigsmile:

What is the difference between software and hardware region code unlock?
I checked them all.

Is it a good idea ?

First,thanks guirky9 post this information
I alreadly update to and also backup RUNWAY JURY(Region 3) sucessed!
But I have a little guestion abuot this version
In above link,Olli said V can not fixed (based on a ring with unreadable sector)
I wonder if this V fixed this problem?
Hope someone (likes Dear.Mr James) can tell me
Thank for your hlep!


the answer (yes?) should be in this line in the changelog

In the thread you were pointing out, Olli refers also to the “Peter Finzel Test Disc V2” DVD…

Regards, :slight_smile:


Dear eltranquil:
thank you to provide me this link
And forgive me to ask this stupid questiion@@
thank you!

Well, Olli mentioned only “en-passant” that Peter Finzel DVD, so it was easy to skip it at a first lecture… :slight_smile:

A Puppenlock in the changelog should be probably easier to see! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good day,


  • New: Workaround for problems with incorrectly mastered DVDs like
    “Jim Knopf und Lucas, der Lokomotivführer”, “Urmel aus dem Eis”
    and “Peter Finzel Test Disc V2”

The DVD’s “Jim Knopf” and “Urmel aus dem Eis” are from Augsburger Puppenkiste (=producer?), on these DVD’s the new Puppenlock appeared
for the very first time.

i installed and got an error message and in a hurry chose to ignore it and save it for future reference. not able to burn Jules and Jim and anything thereafter. have returned to with great results. john

If I download this version and I have a problem(s) will IO be able to return to the earlier version?
Thanks for the info in advance!


did you read Jzak’s post (just two posts above yours)? :confused:

Regards, :slight_smile:


Hi Eltranquil:

Yes I did see the post you referenced and that is what prompted my question. What I failed to do in my post was to ask “how”. Sorry for the mistake and thanks to you for taking the time to respond to what I am sure is a simple matter that even most inexperienced downloaders/users of AnyDVD like me would already know.
Can you advise me on how to retain excess to the earlier version when I download the later one?
Thanks in advance for you kind assistance.

Hi Aus1k, now I understand your question!

I do not use AnyDVD, but I think that running the installer of the previous version (to install it over the newer one) should be enough… I guess that after a reboot you should be ok.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Hello again Eltranquil:
If I can have just one more minute of your time…do downloads normally have a seperate installer? For example, when I download a new version of AnyDVD do you think that the old version will be retained on my harddrive along with the installer of that version or will the new version overwrite both the program and the installer of the previous version?

The reason I ask what may seem like a silly question is that I have read posts on other sites that state users can sometimes NOT be able to access earlier versions of, for example, DVDXcopy Platinum, after they have downloaded an update discover that they then have problems with the update, and wish to return to an earlier, problem-free version.

Thanks again for your help–


Er… well, as I said, I do NOT use AnyDVD… so I am not 100% sure of what I am telling you (let’s say 99%, however :wink: )

When you download AnyDVD from Slysoft, you get the installer file, SetupAnyDVD.exe.

You can notice that the installer’s name does not contain the version number, so if you download a newer version of the installer in the same folder, it will overwrite (upon confirmation) the older one. In these cases what I generally do is to download the installer with a name like SetupAnyDVD-, so that I never overwrite older version and I am quickly able to see which versions of the installer I have.

When you execute an installer (of any version), the original installer file is left untouched, and the appropriate files are copied into the program directory and eventually in the Windows system directories… So installing an older/newer version will simply overwrite the program files with the older/newer ones, not the installer files…

If you want to be sure, uninstall the actual version of AnyDVD with the Windows uninstall procedure, reboot the system and install the desired (newer or older) version…

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


WOW, Eltranquil, you have made this so detailed that even I can follow the explaination! Again, thank you very much for taking the time and having the patience to help me with what is for you, I am sure, an elementary question.

By the way, I am now certain that you are a teacher/professor/etc…or at least I know you absolutly should have entered such a profession.

Your assistance is much appreciated!


Dose anyone if in the new verison of Anydvd if they done anything about the new copy protection starting to show :eek: up more and more?

If you are referring to the so-called puppenlock, protection, then the answer is yes: see the following entry in the changelog:

From [i]Changelog[/i]:

- New: Workaround for problems with incorrectly mastered DVDs like
"Jim Knopf und Lucas, der Lokomotivführer", "Urmel aus dem Eis"
and "Peter Finzel Test Disc V2" 

Regards, :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Aus1k. Thanks for the kind words.
Have fun in this wonderful forum. :smiley:

Cheers, ET