Anydvd optimal configurations?

I have anydvd

I have 3 devices that anydvd detects, the dvd-rom player, the dvd-burner, the virtual dvddrive.

For correct settings:

  1. Should I deselect the dvdburner as player recognised
    in anydvd (the drive itself has region 1, does this
    make an difference when burning) ?

Note: cause I read that when you select the dvd burner
to be unlocked by anydvd this can cause burn errors ?

  1. When backingup dvd content, should I select or
    deselect the ‘Activate speed control’ ?

note: I read that this can conflict with nero drive speed, do dvdxcopyplatinum/express, intervideo dvd copy, elby’s clonedvd2 and dvd-cloner 2.20 have drive speed, does it conflict with them ?

Like to hear your opinions.

  1. Leave it default.

Should I make my dvd-burner region free in anydvd ?

E.g. if 1 or 2 is your default region, just leave it as it is, because if the ‘Region Code’ feature is checked,
it will remove the region code from your DVD, which then will be viewed as region-free, or rather as follows :

Disc Regions are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

AnyDVD works with all DVD-drives, no matter what region code it has.

If you use RCE ( Region Code Enhancement ) protected discs,
make sure, that you specify the correct region in ‘Default Region’.

Ok, thanx Boskin I understand that.

But in the “player tab” of anydvd, should I leave my dvd-burner selected or deselected ?

(cause I have my dvd-rom player and dvd virtual drive selected in the “player tab” of anydvd)

Like to hear the opinion.

Originally posted by solveprogramissue

But in the “player tab” of anydvd, should I leave my dvd-burner selected or deselected ?

All right. FYI, my 5 drives are checked there by default.

Keep it enabled unless it causes you any trouble. :slight_smile:

Thanx for the info.