AnyDVD - empty disc after recording, part 2

This was what I stated a few days ago:

Little Problem here with AnyDVD (maybe, could be another reason).
After installing the latest version I burned a DVD-Video - so far, so good.
It plays in my StandAlone - even better.
But Windows (XP Prof. SP1 incl. all updates) doesn´t show me the content of the media.
It says disc is empty? Never had that problem before, so my first suspect was/is AnyDVD, anyone else with same symptoms?
I changed the settings in the drive-tab, first there were both drives activated, I changed it to just activate my dvd-rom but that didn´t help.
Any help would be appreciated.

This is new:

I can confirm now, the problem is AnyDVD, at least must have a little issue here.
I deinstalled this version and burned 3 more DVD´s without a problem, I can “see” the DVD now under Windows, it plays under Windows and there is no “disc is empty / damaged / whatever” anymore.
I already gave SlySoft a description of this problem, I´m sure they´ll will find a solution.

btw, my dvdrw is a Ricoh MP5240A with the actual firmware, maybe it´s this special combination…seems like an “AutoInsertNotification”-problem, some kind of that.


Have you emailed SlySoft?

Like I said:

I already gave SlySoft a description of this problem, I´m sure they´ll will find a solution.


What I´ve forgotten: The option to set a region for my dvdrom and my dvdrw in the properties of each unit was gone - it´s back now, after I´ve uninstalled AnyDVD.


New results: the problem with these dvds is, that they´re not closed, so Windows won´t see them after I´ve burned them.

I uninstalled AnyDVD now and the problem seems to be gone, at least I burned 4 more dvds without a problem since then.

So, my conclusion for now is, if I install AnyDVD latest version my burned dvds are not closed by any burning program and the option tab to set a region code in the device manager for each device is gone.

Any other hints?