AnyDVD and AutoRun

I recommeneded the AnyDVD and CloneDVD combo to a work collegue. He is not that technical nor particularly patient, so the pairing seemed to be the best bet. He’s come back to me with a question which I can’t answer, nor can I replicate [mainly as my trial of AnyDVD/CloneDVD has expired, and I haven’t purchased yet - I’m still using DVDShrink 3.0b5 as I’m a patient man…!]

If AnyDVD is enabled it seems to disable the autorun capability of the drives. Having it loaded but not enabled [fox is grey] seems to allow autorun to work fine.

Has anybody else come across the same problem…?

From what I can gather the machine in question is a PIII 800Mhz with a Lite-On LTD 163 and Sony DRU-510A [purchased by him because I’ve got one!] The machine is a Dell, and thus the LTD-163 could well be a 163D with Dell firmware and the mobo chipset is likely to be Intel 815E based.

what i do to get around this is to deselect one of the drives from anydvd and then use that drive to play dvds. this way anydvd doesn’t interfere…

Tell him also to update anydvd as there have been many improvements since his version…


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OK so it isn’t his setup, but something others are seeing too. OK I’ll get him to update.

Originally posted by Orinoco
OK so it isn’t his setup, but something others are seeing too. OK I’ll get him to update.

I suggest he should use the newest AnyDVD Version ( AFAIK)

Thanks Olli.

He updated and now tells me that the autorun works for DVD-Videos [after a long delay] but not for CDs, unless he opens explorer shortly after putting the CD in, at which point the autorun seems to work.

This all sounds a bit strange to me, but I can’t replicate the problem - yet - but as my first region 1 DVDs arrived yesterday I bought AnyDVD last night to allow me to play them in my PC. I’ll install later and see if I can replicate the problem. I have a Lite-On LTD-163D [as opposed to his Dell one], we both run XP Pro SP1 [but may have different hotfixes installed] although my MoBo is SIS 655 based with a 2.8Ghz P4. We also both have the Sony DRU-510A [mine is Firmware 1.0c, no idea what his is.]

OK I registered my copy of AnyDVD and upgraded to Glad to say that it allows me to read my region 1 disks even in an RPCII drive, so well worth the money!

I also managed to replicate the problem described above. If you wait for a CD to spin up and open ‘My Computer’ it will autorun, but if you leave it beyond the initial spinup the autorun won’t work when you open ‘My Computer’.

Odd - definately