AnyDVD & 1 Click DVD Pro

Hello, I have 2 simple questions, am I able to run AnyDVD with 1 click DVD Pro, I’ve been using 1 click software for a while, but have moved into the HD error, and in doing so, needed a HD decrypter, so that’s were AnyDVD entered, I’ve used it with other programs, and it work as does every thing I need and want it to do, but on first try at burning a DVD, I came across a number of errors, I’ve look up and down for an answer, but nothing is providing enough information, so I’m asking any one who may have resolved this issue for them selves.
What I want to be able to do is, run AnyDVD if I can, in the back graoound as DVD43 used to, I’ve managed to copy using Power DVD copy, but the 1 click process is so easy and effortless, with great result every tiime.