Anydrive Car MP3 + FM transmitter

This sounds cool, and is useful for people with only a radio in thier car, and is really cheap too!


Plug in this handy device and listen to music on any car or home audio system–it’s that simple. No navigating mazes of wires. Simply plug your portable CD or MP3 player via USB into the Anydrive and you’re set; or plug in your USB memory device for an even lighter load! The on-board Play, FF/RW, and Volume controls provide easy access to your music, and the 4 dip-switch channel-selector guarantees the cleanest possible FM transmission, so your music will always sound great. But you don’t always have to go wireless FM–with the Anydrive, you can quickly and easily direct-connect to virtually any audio system (via cassette adapter; not included) for crystal-clear sound wherever you go.