Anybody with some Anfy experiance?!

Need some help with this 1! Probs with using the reg-key!
Anybody used Anfy 3d?!

ThanX in advance!


U don’t need to register the program in any way, cause u can edit the source after u’ve finished it. So then u won’t see the lousy standard sentences and stuff…soo that’ll do the trick!

But I recently made an applet 4 my website, but when I click on my applet, it’s a menu, I don’t go 2 the site that I told the menu 2 go, but instead I get a new (small) window from Anfy that tells 2 goto Anfy’s homepage or 2 close the window!
But it doesn’t goto my next page!

ThanX anyway! But I need a working sn!