Anybody with both 16X BenQ 1620 and 16X Nec 3500 drives care to compare them?


I notice a few people in this forum have both NEC and BenQ 16X drives.

I’m wondering if any of these people would be interested in taking some time to contrast some of the more significant pros and cons of these two drives, as they perceive them?

If you could only keep one of the two drives, which one would you keep - and why?

I’m getting a 1620 in the next week or so. I’ll let you know if somebody doesn’t beat me too it.


But let me know your feelings anyway after you’ve had a chance to play around with it for a while. People have a variety of requirements/opinions, and input from a number of different sources (even if it is repetitive) often proves useful.

the fact is that Benq 1620 can overspeed many 8x DVD+R media and burn them at very good quality. based on my MSI DR16-B (oem Benq 1620) and tdk1616 (fw2.c8, nec 3500 oem)
plus media

ricohjpnr02 8x@16x ( tdk 12x)
daxon az2 8x@16x (tdk 12x, but very bad result)
sonyd11 8x@16x (tdk 12x)
yudent02 8x@16x ----> have not tested as i dun hav the media but users have reposted this.(tdk can do 16x )
yudent02 4x@12x —> surprisingly good burn result (tdk 8x)
prodisc ( cant remembr the code ) 8x@12x (can’t remember tdk can do what speed)
mcc003 8x@12x (can’t rememb tdk can do what speed)

minus media

TYG02 - 8x@16x - but not very ‘fast’, can’t hit sub 6min, but good enuf (tdk 12x)
maxell 8x ( can’t remember the code ) - 8x@12x ( tdk 16x)

Thanks for the feedback.

Which drive do you use for most of your burning?

If I had to keep only one, I would keep my 1600@1620.

Hello Everybody,

I consider myself an Unhappy LiteOn Owner (811 & 832 both originals)…

Anyway, I am now ready to buy a DVDRW drive that can REALLY burn DVD+R´s.

I can really say I would (even) prefer Quality over Speed…

I do not want to repeat what Spartane asked, but really, which one, BenQ 1620 or NEC 3500 ?

This is a great forum people, thank you much in advance.

HP1530. -

Based on the popularity of the 3500, it’s great firmware support, and my personal experience with the drive, I’d suggest the 3500.

That’s not to say anything negative of the 1620. The reviews on it are good and there appears to be some very satisfied owners. I’ve got one ordered for testing but have no first hand experience with it today…


I bought both a Nec 3500 and a Pioneer 108 about two months ago. After a month of testing, I kept the Nec and sold the Pioneer. I just received a new Benq 1620 this last Friday, and it is still too early to make any judgements. So far it looks like high quality media works well on both drives. If you have a bunch of cheap media laying around that you want to use up, then probably the Nec would be your best bet.

I only use a DW1620 at this time. I used to burn only - media with my LG, but now I strictly use +. The 1620 allows two nice things, book setting and overspeed with quality results. I use + Prodisc R03 8x @ 12x bookset to -ROM. The movies I burn as -ROM play in every stand alone player I have tried. The only downside with this drive is a problem burning with Nero Recode, I have solved that by shrinking with DVD Shrink 3.2 to an ISO and burning @12x with DVDDecrypter in 6 minutes 15 seconds.
If you have intentions other than movies then I can’t give you any advice.
If you intend on using cheap media then any advice wouldn’t help.
The NEC has a solid following as well. Advice is only that, you make up your own mind.

The most tempermental media I ever used was Ritek R03. I had a ton of trouble getting a good burn on my Pioneer as well as on my Liteon. My NEC had no trouble getting a very good burn. I would vote for NEC.

But do you have both burners? This is your only post in the BenQ forum.

For the moment the BenQ seems to have the edge when burning DVD+R but they are pretty close on quality.
For the moment the NEC burns DVD-R better than the BenQ
To my ears the NEC is quieter at higher speeds.
They are both excellent drives.

i have done that come come…

i would say BenQ quailty is superb after the recent firmware upgrade…B7K9…and 16x burn speed is consitent on all my burns…

New Firmware Flashed B7K9…

Disc 12 : BenQ 8X +R Media Time : 6:32 ( 12X?? )
Disc 13 : OEM TY : Disc ID: YUDEN000-T02-00 Time : 6:39 ( 12X?? )
Disc 14 : That’s 8X + R Disc ID: YUDEN000-T02-00 Time : 5:45( 16x ) :thumb2:
Disc 15 : That’s 8X + R Disc ID: YUDEN000-T02-00 Time : 5:51( 16x ) :thumb2:
Disc 16 : BenQ 8X +R Media 25pc spindle Time : 5:59( 16x ) :thumb2:

Nero updated to

Disc 17 : BenQ 8X +R Media Jewel Case Time : 5:51( 16x ) :thumb2:
Disc 18 : TDK 8X +R Media Jewel Case Time : 5:53( 16x ) :thumb2:

All burn done on That’s 8x +R Media

On BenQ DW1620 :

Burn No 15:
Format : DVD+R 8X That’s Media
Media : YUDEN000-T02-00 @MAX speed
Software : Nero
Data : ISO file : 4.36 GB
Time took : 5:51…Yeeah 16X…

On TDK1616DLN / NEC3500A:

Burn No 5:
Format : DVD+R 8X TY That’s
Media : YUDEN000-T02-00 @MAX speed
Software : Nero
Data : ISO file : 4.429 GB
Time took : 6:32

for full comparision see here

DW1620 my mini review

TDK1616/NEC3500 my mini review

below links sometimes very busy…

My Mini Review for BenQ 1620

My Mini Review for TDK1616DLN / NEC3500A

so far on my TDK1616DLN / NEC3500 i have two coasters…all TY disc…:frowning:

i would keep the BenQ drive for now…

BTW can any tell me is it a firmware issue for the TDK1616DLN/NEC3500A drive???