Anybody what to wipe there arse on the latest nero update



There i was happily backing up my dvds using nero when suddenly i noticed that the very latest update was around,i checked the changelog and was impressed about the new changes,so merrily i upgraded.GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT,3 COASTERS ON THE TROT,checked all the settings and tried again,ANOTHER COASTER,bugger this i thought and uninstalled the piece of crap and reinstalled my,guess what happened next,everything i burned worked perfectly,they call there company AHEAD but sometimes i think they have there A-HEAD up there A-ARSE. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


urwise, be wiser and always use a RW DVD for testing, then u wont have coasters! I am using latest on XP home - SP2, sony drx700ul burner, and a little bitty sony tr3 laptop - works great!


Why Upgrade when All is working Perfectly in the first place…
I will never understand why you lot would want to BuggerUp a perfectly Good working Piece of Software with an upgrade that Allways Fuffs it up every time without fail…
Keep on Trucking----