Anybody want a pizzacone?

The two companies working on this are “Konopizza” and “Crispy Cones”.
The latter is not yet operational, but will open a store in LA this fall, while the former is already peddling this stuff in places such as Indonesia, Kuwait, Spain, Greece, and New Zealand.

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So, anybody hungry?

So … what’s the cone made of, dough or waffle?

And does it come in double decadence, hand stretched, thin & crispy, or thick?
How about cheesy crust or other weird varieties?

And can you watch the chef throw the dough up in the air, before he rolls it?

Sure, gimme one :slight_smile:

goodie yet another fast food craze…strike one up for the drive throughs…

looks like more dough than anything
but i’m sure i’d eat a few myself…:wink:

I eagerly await the frozen variant.

Your dentist too. :wink:

this pizzacone looks pretty good, nice call Airhead. I wonder how it actually tastes like. The idea is pretty cool too, fast food in the mean sense.

btw, nice sig tommy :eek:

I love pizza.
I would definitely try this out! :smiley:

I wonder if they have special “cup-cake” style cone holders for baking these things in the oven. :stuck_out_tongue:

(this was supposed to be a witty reply but it broke)

Is it under warranty? Maybe you can RMA it … although chances are that the return P&H will be more than just buying a new witty reply.

Don’t worry, there are more where that one came from. It’s expendable.