Anybody used the 90 or 99 minutes yet?

Just curious as I cant get mine to recognize a 90 or 99 minute yet.

If I put a 99min cd in my plextor 12/10/32s, he says that there’s 160mb available.

If I put one in my Acer 1208, he sees the full 99min.

use the search, there has been many topics about this

like he already mentioned it is worth trying the search function.
I have some experience with 99 min and I can tell you for sure they stink (no label could give me 99 min cd’s with good quality)

I did use the search. I wanted somebody opinions

hey dudes
wot do you have to fo to get it to reconise the CD as a 90 or 99 min CD ?? i have a LG 8x 4x 32x bruner
please help

Well, I have a Sanyo BP3 CDRW drive (it will do 93 munutes) and I used it with That’s write 90 minutes CDR’s and it “saw” only 80 minutes worth of CDR. When I use it anyway and overburn, I get a coaster.:frowning:
Same thing on my Plextor (the package says that this recorder is supported by this CDR) my Philips 807, my Philips CDD 485, My LiteOn CDR drive:(
I’ve used Nero, Diskjuggler, WinOnCD, Feurio, CDRWin all in the latest versions:(
Any one have good experiences with other brands of CDR disks?

Hey Rusty,

[li]Check if your burner is (phisically) 90 minutes compatible at: Feurio 's site which is a pretty up-to-date burner database.
[/li][li]If it is, you must find a brand and type of CDR’s that is compatible with your burner (and don’t use “That 's write” 90 minutes CDR’s), “Platinum” CD-R 90/800 MB seems to be a good choise.
[/li][li]Then you must find a program that will burn 90 minutes CDR’s
[/li][li]Then you must pray that you have a CD reader that reads 90 minute CD’s :confused:
You might wanna check out
CD Media World
Feurio’s CDR capacity list (if you understand german)

thanks alot wotsupdoc…:slight_smile: