Anybody use the Studio Pinnacle Movieboard12 PCI Capture? Have audio,no video!



What I have Onboard-
[MSI P-35 Platinum MoBo/3.3GB DDR memory/Intel Core2 Q6600 CPU/ Nvidia GeForce 8600GT/500GB Internal WD HDD/500GB Ext, WD HDD/WinXP SP2/ NERO 9 / Realtek HD Audio Audio Codec ALC888 / DirectX v.9.0 / Monitor Color Quality - Medium 16-Bit - 1360x768]
I bought a SIIG USB VHS to DVD capture device with Honestech software that did not work at all . So I uninstalled and took back. I wanted to give Pinnacle a try, even after reading all the bad reviews on their lack of customer support, thinking their software/hardware just might work for me. nope! I bought the $80.00 Studio MovieBoard v12. First thing I didi was to upfdate my geforce 8600GT Driver,and my onboard realtek Audio driver. I then disabled the anti-virus and installed the software. Powered down the puter, then installed the PCI card on my MoBo. I rebooted, it saw the new hardware, prompted me to “ENTER ACTIVATION KEYS”, which were a few.
First I hooked up my Panasonic PV-8451 VCR…Audio and video out of VCR to Audio Line-In on the sound card,and Video In to the PCI card (Composite) Nothing. Settings were MPEG 1/2>Medium Quality(svcd)>480x480>16 Bit Mono. “Start Capture” NADA! No sound, No video! The problem with using the VCR, is trying to do the set up first with only the remote control. I think I have to set the time,and put it on input,then channel to 03 or video1,video2, but I can see anything except the power light,play,FF,rewind,and stop.

So I next tried my archaic 1997 JVC Camcorder. Composite connection. Camera Audio-OUT to sound card, and Video OUT to VIDEO IN on the PCI card. When I play the camcorder, I hear the sounds coming out from my speakers,but when I press “Start Capture” I see no video in the preview screen at all. Maybe it’s my WinXP. Maybe I should upgrade to Windows7 Pro in order for this to work. OR is it possible that having NERO 9 also installed on my puter is conflicting with each others codecs? Before I wipe this OS clean and re-install a newer version of windows, and all the hardware and software all over again, I wanted to be sure it was not NERO doing this. Thank you for any help!


Short question: Is the VIDEO input source properly set up in the tool preferences?


Connections are from Analog CamCorder video out into Pinnacle PCI Video-In. The sound is from camcorder Audio to onboard Sound card LINE-IN. I’m using a red and white 2-plug RCA plugs, just one white to white (not the red) and the sound is one red RCA from camera Audio into a RCA L- R audio plug to a speaker jack line-in.
Now I’m thinking maybe I should return this Pinnacle too.


Looking through your various posts, you seem to have tried three different capture devices now. Are you sure the old camcorder is still functional and is sending any information through the output line?

By the way, please stick to one thread in the future. It is difficult to find all your posts when spread around. And it is against forum rules to post the same question in more than one place. It is called crossposting.


Sorry about that.

At present, I have only one capture device and it is the Pinnacle Studio Movieboard PCI.
I returned the SIIG USB Capture device and threw away the dazzle 80 USB capture device.
Is there any way you could delete those other posts relevant to the SIIG USB and the Dazzle 80 Capture devices… or can I do that myself?

My current Operating system is Windows XP PRO SP2 / 32 Bit Version 2002

I talked to Pinnacle Tech Support today and he gave me the link for the drivers from the site. I downloaded the Pinnacle Studio 500 / PCI (v.…it’s the same driver as the Pinnacle Studio Movieboard12, and the very same driver I updated after I installed from the install CD. I’d hate to think I would have to upgrade to 64Bit Windows 7 in order for this Studio 12 to work at all.

I have NERO on board for strictly burning audio and data onto CD/DVDs
. I don’t know if that is creating a conflict or not, but are there any other software programs I need to disable or remove before this will work?
Under Device Manager > Sound, Video, and Game controllers … all I see is besides the Pinnacle DV/AV Folder,
(Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy Video Capture Devices, Media Control Devices, Realtek HD Audio, and the Video Codecs).

Driver Version: -
Driver Provider: Pinnacle -
Driver Date: 11/21/2005 -
Thank you!


Coffee Time!!! Go get yourself a cup and try to sludge through this if you DARE!!! Sorry. I’m just full of it! (Questions that is, because this editing, is so new to me.

I Don’t know if I should return this Pinnacle StudioMovieboard PCI, or go with the Roxio VSH to DVD software using the USB.

Ok…I decided to give up on my VIDEO-YES, SOUND-NO problem, stop wasting everyone’s time on this subject. I wiped the HDD, Re-installed Windows Home 32 Bit OS, Installed the Pinnacle software, and then the PCI all over again. IT WORKS NOW! Yippee! But yet another problem has arisen.
Now, after composite RCA capture, whether or not it was through the VCR, or my JVC Analog camcorder, the sound and the video is completely off by a few seconds.
Could this ever be corrected or is this hardware conflicts within my computer, OR possibly any settings I forgot to enable/disable in the Pinnacle program settings?
I’ll have to dig deeper for tutorials on how to use the editing tools, add text, transitions, cutting out unwanted scenes, bad areas, commercials, etc., and adding buttons to split up the different video segments? etc. Seems complicated to me now, but for all of you seasoned editors, it’s probably a piece of cake.
I made a sample AVI video, played it back and now the voices are out of sync. Do I have to be a professional movie editor to make a simple basic video?
With the VCR, I’m thinking I’m going to capture, edit, then burn to a DVD, so I captured at MPEG CAPTURE>DVD COMPATIBLE. The length was 1:28:24 and spent about 10.6GB of HDD Space.
Now if I wanted to capture video from my camcorder (analog-Composite) Would I simply capture with - Composite video Input > AVI Capture > M-JPEG (Better) OR go with the MPEG1/2-DVD Quality?
With Pinnacle, their saved file extension is a .stx. If I wanted to send someone a video for them to play on Windows media Player, Quicktime, or Winamp, How would I make a short video in Pinnacles .stx format, and encode it as one of the more popular video formats such as .mov,wmv,mpeg1 or 2? Which is best for E-mail, YouTube, and which is best for playing on a DVD player?
And finally, to burn a DVD, what is the most accepted output…DVD, VCD, SVCD? Is the Pinnacle Burner OK itself to burn, or using NERO or ROXIO be a much better option?
Thank you for any help whatsoever, much appreciated!


The problem with audio/video sync in your captures is probably due to a few dropped frames. If the error is constant, this isn’t too hard to correct in AviDemux or VirtualDub, as long as it is still in avi format.

DVD video is the most common format and works on computers and dvd players. It is not very small though and not the best for email or YouTube. Youtube will convert everything to flash format anyway. Here is their recommended format:

Don’t bother with SVCD or VCD. If you are working with mpeg2, go ahead and make DVD’s.

Burning program shouldn’t matter.


Hi kerry56n and thanks for the Youtube Link!

You said,

“If the error is constant, this isn’t too hard to correct in AviDemux or VirtualDub, as long as it is still in avi format.”

So I capture and edit video with Pinnacle Studio as an AVI, not as a mpeg2, then edit sound in Virtualdub or AviDemux, then save as an Mpeg2?

“Don’t bother with SVCD or VCD. If you are working with mpeg2, go ahead and make DVD’s.”

As far as sending a video through e-mail, should I save it as a .mov, or .wmv, since Avi is extremely too big to send?

When I’m using pinnacle and capturing the Video/audio, there is a DROP FRAME count window that always displays 0. I never see it go higher.

Some say it could be my On board Realtek HD audio that makes it out of sync, and I should get a dedicated PCI sound card.


You’ll need to convert eventually from avi to mpeg2 if you are making dvd-video, but it really is better to edit while it is in avi format. There aren’t too many programs that excel at mpeg2 editing, and even they have to do minor re-encoding around cuts.

I haven’t noticed that much difference in size, as a general rule, with .mov, and .wmv vs .avi. It depends on how they are encoded…you can set output size as you wish, but the more compression you use, the worse the quality for any given video codec.

You might want to try flash video for small size files to send via email. Take a look at this guide for converting your avi files to .flv.

If you aren’t getting dropped frames, I’m not sure what is causing the audio/video sync problem. Sorry.