Anybody try this Ritek audio CD-R?



the hub code is begin with RFD, 2 discs in 1 paper pack. 10 packs in 1 case.
CD-R for print. made in Taiwan.


When its all in japanese it is either for or from jap. market, which normally ends up being better quality (that is untill it comes to wine, but it would be another topic). Only these RFD letters are suspicious to me, can it stand for the infamous RFID tech that Ritek develops?? :eek:


It is said Ritek audio CD-R’s hub code is begin with RAA…
so I doubt it is not real for audio


I’ve had normal Ritek CD-R which have the stamper code R[I]FD[/I]80M…
The Maxell/Ritek Audio CD-R I still have has the stamper code R[I]AA[/I]80M-51725 [space] 80DA. :o

Apparently you have normal CD-R for data. Unless you have a standalone CD recorder it won’t matter though.

RFD doesn’t mean “integrated RFID”. The technology is developed by U-Tech, a subsidiary of Ritek, and is supposed to be introduced on pressed media. I will avoid buying more Ritek media whenever possible, also because the consistency isn’t excellent either, but YMMV. Their CD-R are ok, although not necessarily better than recent CMC (anymore).

As they’re MIT and for sale in Japan, I think the quality must be better.
Most of the Taiwanese media-making companies like Daxon, Prodisc, CMC, Ritek have outsourced many of their CD-R lines to China (Prodisc, CMC, Ritek), Hong Kong (Prodisc, CMC), or Malaysia (Daxon) where the quality isn’t necessarily getting better.
In Japan, they also have to compete with the famous, 60% market share “The Nippon-sei” media :bigsmile:

(This That’s CD-R pictured above is the 15 years anniversary CD-R model.)