Anybody try new 40x taiyo media?



and know wether or not it burns at 48x with smartburn on? or just general opinion of the media?


Yes, actually, I bought a 100PK spindle just a few days ago.

I can’t really say much about 48x burning without SmartBURN… I simply don’t see a reason to keep SmartBURN enabled, ever. I’ve done about 15 CDs @ 48x, and scandisc has shown 100.0% good sectors.

About 7 other burns were done @ 40x, and the results were approximately the same (0.11% damaged sectors on one disc – GASP!).

All in all, good media for the same price as CMC trash (from, anyway).


I also have a 100-disc spindle of these (also from, and I must say that these are the best CDRs I’ve ever used. Granted, all I’ve used before have been Ritek and CMC Magnetics discs, because they’re cheap, but still . . .

I’ve been burning these with my LTR-48125W at 48x, and have yet to get a disc with any C2 errors or bad sectors. And these burn at 48x even with SMART-BURN on. :smiley:


Is it just me, that you can select the country you want for shipping from, but all of the transport methods are us only? :frowning:


Ummm that’s the way it works. UPS and Fedex both ship globally. They might not be able to calculate an exact shipping amount on the spot… but for 100 discs, I cant believe it would be more than $40 US.


Originally posted by Bloody Aztec
Is it just me, that you can select the country you want for shipping from, but all of the transport methods are us only? :frowning:

I may be wrong, but I thought CD-Dimensions do not ship outside the US - it is on their site somewhere or in the faq.



Then why can we select any Country and enter a Postal Code?



Don’t know - and I may be wrong. But from memory, I wanted to order some Kodak’s or Mitsui gold’s from them and when I checked the faq’s or something it said no shipping outside the USA.

Now, as stated, I may have this company confused with someone else, but it kinda rings a bell - either way, the web-site should tell you or perhaps email them - also from memory, I had to do this with one site and it could be these people.




Straight from the page:

"Sales Regions Covered
We will ship merchandise to locations in the United States. "

So it really IS US-only.


Anyone knows a reliable place to order high quantities of high quality media (verbatim, kodak, mitsui, taiyo yuden, skc) that does ships to Canada without costing me my left arm? :wink:


Hi, may have some left (rather expensive), have Mitsui Ultra II silver/golds for roughly £0.45 each in 100’s, but there must be better deals - some US prices are cheap compared to the UK.