Anybody try Maxell DVD+R Highgrade Hardcoat Protection?



Anybody try these?

I just bought some at WalMart yesterday and have yet to try them on my Pio640DVR.


Those could be MIJ Maxells. Should be good.



I have two 5-packs of this media. They are, indeed, MIJ Maxell-Hitachi media. (Oddly, in my area I could find this media only at Wal-Mart.)


Very odd if they are something new to introduce an 8X media. What is the media code, MAXELL 002?



Works for me. Makes more sense anyway. I certainly don’t want to go through another round of +/- flames.



Verbatim (Europe) did the same with their Hard Coat Protection 8x DVD-R media (MCC 02RG20) and with their new Archival Grade 8x DVD-R media (also MCC 02RG20 I think).


This isn’t a new product line, in fact, it’s been around for quite some time. If anything, it’s on its way out :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats the media code on these [buck]?


MAXELL002, probably the superior short-serial variety used in Maxell’s high-end products, too.


So, no BONDING problems, like the consumer-grade 8x MIJs?

How do these compare to the BQs?