Anybody tried Verbatim MKM001 DL on 110D?

Has anybody tried the 110D with Verbatim +R DL MKM 001? I’ve searched but can only find one scan and that didn’t have a transfer test.

I’ve got a BENQ 1640 that is getting write failures on Verbatim MKM001 although I get great quality on TY T02, TYG02 and MCC003 at 12x. I’ve ruled out everything else (am using DVD Decryptor, IMGBurn, etc, etc) and it looks like the drive.

I’ve owned a Pioneer 108 before and liked it. I need the drive for data backups so can’t RMA it without a replacement first. So my decision is try another 1640 or a Pioneer 110D.

Any info would be appreciated as I still have about 30 MKM001 left that are worth more than the cost of another drive…


I just burned 2 of these yesterday without issue. I do not have a scanning drive unfortunately to test the results but a quick browse through the disc yielded no issues.

Double Layer tests from the Pioneer 110D review includes MKM001

Thanks for the comment and the link.

I ordered a 110D from Newegg @ $46 shipped with a pack of 5 Ritek DL discs + 1 R/W. It was $42 without the Riteks. I don’t expect useable results, but hopefully I’ll be able to use a couple on the 110D to verify the write failures I was seeing on the 1640 are due to the drive and not something else. If burns complete with the Ritek DL on the 100D, I’ll feel safer trying the Verbatims.


I would not be to hopeful about burning Ritek DL’s on the 110 as they are not supported in the firmware, as far as I can see. You will have no problems with the Verbatims.

Why can’t you use the 108 for writing the +RDLs? Mine does a great job. The first one it wrote was a coaster… I figure it was the drive testing the media (my Lite-On 1693s did the same thing on the first piece). Ever since then the results have been fantastic. I even got Verbatim to replace the two coasters for me via mail. BTW, I’ve only ever tried MKM 001 (Verbatim +RDL marked as 2.4x, burned at 4x).


Worker was referring to the Ritek DL media. The DVR-108 was made before that media existed. If it hasn’t been included in a recent firmware update, the 108 wouldn’t know what to do with it.

I sold the 108 when the 1640 seemed to be behaving before I tried the Verbatim DL. I wish I hadn’t as it was a nice drive.

Thanks for the clarification on the 110D Ritek DL media code support. I don’t expect much from them other than verifying the writes complete with the 110 and don’t fail with a write error like 2/3 of the Verbatim DL on the 1640. With the combo deal, they were only $4 for 5 plus a 4x R/W.


Ah, ok. I didn’t realize you had sold the 108 and were fully commited to using Ritek DL. Yeah, the 108 would not be a good choice for that media. It’s awesome for pretty much everything else though.


Check this: