Anybody tried any TransPrint DVDs?

Has anybody tried any TransPrint DVD-Rs ( in terms of write quality and print quality?

Well, I went ahead and bought some. Heres a scan from a disc written at 8x in my 109 (won’t overspeed in this burner). The results were fine!

Not surprising given that it’s an MCC disc (Verbatim).
In the US retail Verbatim inkjet printable 8x +R / -R spindles go for about 65-70c ea in a 50 spindle. $35 for 50 discs. Those silver printable discs always looked questionable to me, but that’s a good price. How is the print quality?

Although they are MMC discs, I was a little surprised at the quality because Datawrite seems to have a bad reputation around here!
Regarding print quality, the surface is not a traditional white and has a cool ‘opaque’ look to the discs. Printed colours aren’t as vivid as on white and things look almost transparent when printed. I like them!