Anybody tried 8x DVD-R Ritek Go5 "Sumvision" Disks?


Has anyone tried these Sumvision disks?

Sumvision Gold top DVD-r 8x Ritek Go5 super GRADE A 50pack

I’m needing some good quality DVD-R Disks, not sure if they’re any good though… If they aren’t, how about any of these:

Traxdata RITEK 50 Pack x8 DVD-R Cello Wrapped Genuine GRADE “A” Full Face Printable GO5 dye

Verbatim 43522 DVD-R 16x 25pk Spindle

Any suggestions would be great,

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Stay away from Ritek G05. They don’t have a reputation for lasting too long :slight_smile:

Glad to see some Verbatims there, I’d pick those over any Ritek media every time :slight_smile:

Some Ritek G05’s, but not all, degrade quickly. Depends on each disk :frowning:

They’re OK for temporary storage (max of a month or so) however :slight_smile:

Yep, you’re right :iagree:…but personally I wouldn’t want to take the risk, unless as you say, it was for temporary storage (even then, the paranoid part of me would want a backup on another disc brand/manufacturer, LOL :bigsmile: )

There is a huge risk with Riteks, G05’s in particular, not worth the gamble imo. Especially with some very good quality media not too much more expensive.

If you buy Ritek G05, you will regret it.

Go the verbatim :slight_smile:

I’ll have to agree with everyone else stay away from the G05 discs I used some of them before
and they really degraded fast I lost a lot of data in less than a years time. I would suggest the
Verbatim -R or getting TY -R disc’s but if you have your heart set on using Ritek/Ridata disc’s if
you can find them then get the 4x RICOHJPN R01 disc’s I have used them and they hold up a lot
better and longer than any G05 disc ever will. Here is a scan of one of my RICOHJPN R01 disc’s
that was burned over 2 1/2 years ago and it still reads and plays perfectly. :clap:

Thanks for the replies! I’ll go with the Verbatim.

As an aside, the G05’s I have looked great when I bought them a year ago. Tried a few I had left and they’re garbage. Never Again…