Anybody of you are into 3D?

Hey, my friend has just started a Forum for Persons into 3D. Anybody of you interested? If yes go to the forum HERE

The forum is still in its nascent stages. But, we’ve managed to get 50+ members in less than a month.


hmm, cool, i’ve played around with 3dsmax, and you can see what i’ve cooked up:

That’s nice. Why don’t u join that forum. Am not a 3D artist. Everyone there except me are 3D Artists.

You’ll get better feedback from them + u can also comment on their work.

Am just helping my friend out by playing the administrator.

took computer graphics class - it sucked. too much math. nice picture though :smiley:

i have done some 3d mechanical objects in autocad and mess with lightwave a long time ago… in the Amiga era … .

I’ve used Lightwave, 3Dsmax and the one that Pixar uses… Forgot the name (Rhinoceros? sp?)

blender rules :smiley:
apt-get install blender
and you get a full 3d graphics suite

I’ve got myself blender… it rules:D

EDIT:// Nice pic mace…how long did it take you to do that?

I’ve been using with different graphics programs, aerial photo programs, and spatial programs and was going to try to make some 3d images with my aerial photos but have not had the time to do much with it. Too many cool programs not enough hours in the day! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: nIce work though. I will check out your site.

That one i did with 3dsmax, it was my first serious thing, and it took me maybe 2-3 hours (hey it was my first) :slight_smile:

I still like it? I like to make my own video’s.