Anybody nows CyO've DVD-R?


anybody knows something about CyO’ve DVD-R? Or EyQ’ve or CyQ’ve ? The font is very shitty. The Mediacode is RitekG04. KProbe scans with Psi Sum 8 are very good too (Average 51 PI Max) Anybody knows if this is A-Grade or B-Grade Media?

I’m thinking about buying such media, how did you find them?
Can you post a scan done at 4x with kprobe 2?

Got one of them for free in my Lacie USB DVD ±R drive.
I think the name is Cyq’ve. It is a Ritek G04.
Made an unreadable DVD with it, but that’s more to do with the drive being faulty than the quality of the media. I also got some LaCie DVD-R discs in the bundle, they’re Ritek G04 as well.
And again, made an unreadable disk.
The writer was unable to read what it had just written - I returned it for a replacement, the supplier agreed it was faulty, a new one will be here Monday. Then I may be able to write some good LaCie DVD-R discs with it.


I bought 100 of the Cyq’ve DVD+R 4x disks two weeks ago and have burnt 50 of them but only at 6x speed. Gave too many errors at 8x. Don’t think they are good quality as I have used Arita DVD+R 4x and burnt at 8x speed with no problems. Bought 300 of them over the last few months but can’t get any more!