Anybody knows why I get this error?



Excuse me but DirectCD being better? Come on! It's the worst program I've ever seen and it's resposible for a lot of (compatibilty) problems I've seen/read. rajkanneganti what kind of system are you using? I had these problems too sometimes in WindowsXP. It seemed the write-engine of XP was interfering in my case.

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I just finished formatting a new CD-RW with the following settings in InCD…

and when I try to paste a folder in the drive it shows the following error…

anybody knows why this is happening? I am new to InCD and Packet writing in general

Thanks in advance


I dont think geocities allows linking guys, so I guess you will have to paste the link in a new browser window to view it


ahead’s incd is not that good. Adaptec (roxio’s) directcd is allot better. Directcd formats the cd’s to hold more and includes the UDF reader in the formatting so when you pop it in to some one else’s computer it will read. :slight_smile:


yeah G@M3FR3@K is right directcd sucks just as much as ezcd creator