Anybody know this show?

I have one overwhelming memory from my childhood of a TV show or it could have been part of a film and until now ive not bothered to find out what it was but it left me sh*tting myself at the time :sad: i was probably about 8 or 9 so around '92 '93, this show or film was about some young boy with a mental ilness who could make any object appear from an image, anyway his grandad i think it was got him to make some old knife or something appear from a book and then later he had a book of the human body and made a human heart appear in his hands and his grandma walked in on him and had a heart attack from what she saw, anyway after she’d died the little lad picked up a photo of her and made her appear in the corner as a ghost and then i quickly turned the tv off and nearly shat my pants :slight_smile: anyway i want to see this show again and find out what happens next, so if any of you guys know what this is i’d appreciate it :iagree:

i don’t know if your show is american or not but if you can remember a name or maybe a show out at the same time go to sign up and use their forums, those people know a lot over there

Thanks for the tip i’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

Yeah, imdb is the way to go!

Show nuff.

any luck mr. brownstone?

have you found out what it is cause it sounds good. i want to watch it.

o yer on topic
could someone do the same for me
their was this film when i was a little boy. so somewhere betwenn 1990 and 1995. There was this kid and he was captured in this room or something and a robot came round once a day with towels or something(not 100%). Anyway 1 day the boy got into the back of this robot and it drove him to an aircraft hanger. In this hanger was a big silver UFO. The boy gets in an gets chatting to the alien computer. The UFO then takes off and asks the boy where he wants to go. and they start flying to america listeing to “everybody go surfing, in the USA”. Thats all i can remeber

i don’t remember these movies but short circuit and short circuit 2 had robots and i think they were out around like 86-88 so maybe your off on your year and one of these is the movie you are talking about, i think the robots name was like johnny five or number 5 something like that

Flight of the navigator maybe?

Yep, asked on imdb and found out its an episode of the Twilight Zone called ‘The Toys Of Caliban’

now if i could only find the bloody episode :confused:

You don’t have netflix there Mr. B? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Twilight Zone episodes.

if you like scary tv shows you should try Rod Serlings The Night Gallery.

thats good to hear