Anybody know the media code for these Verbs?



Are these good? Comparable to TYGO2s?



Are you living in the US? If so, go to Best Buy and pick up the Verbatims 50 pack for $14.99.

Verbatim’s MCC are generally good quality media and to some it is even better than TY. Now, let’s hope you have a good burner as well or else all the good media in the world will be a waste :bigsmile:


MCC003, they are generally very good media, among some of the best. It can vary depending on where they’re made and your burner, but it is very good media in general. Compared to TYG02, I would say they are in the same neighborhood for quality.


Thanks. I have a 1640 and a 3540 burner. I’m asking coz I’ve heard of some Verbatim variation that is not up to par with their quality standards.


I picked up some of the Verbatim from Best Buy today. They are DVD+R’s MCC 004. They seem pretty good. Especially better then the FujiFilm Prodisc pack I got Saturday from BestBuy for the same price. The Fuji label said up to 16x - but my desktop burner would only burn at 2.4x and my laptop burner would only burn at 2.4x or 4x. These MCCs burn up to 16x - so I am waaay happier with these then those crappy Fuji discs.


Your burners only burned the Fuji at slow speeds because of outdated firmware that did not recognize the media code of the discs. If your burners are 8x or faster, you’ll likely have no problems burning at high speeds with the Fuji with updated firmware. I’m not saying they’re as good as the MCC004, they’re not, but lack of firmware support was the reason for the slow speeds with the Fuji discs, not because of their quality.


Well considering that I have the newest firmware for my burner (ND-6500A) and the Fujis produced my first coasters ever - I think the ProDisc Fujis are of low enough quality to not bother with them again.


The only real issue that I have seen so far is with the “pearl white” Verbatim as it is made by Ritek.


That’s good to know… I keep reading about Verbatims, specifically +R, that are made in India. I was going to have my wife pick up these Verbatims from BB but I won’t tell her “check where they’re made… if they’re made in Taiwan, get them… if they’re made in India, don’t”.


You aren’t listening, are you? If they don’t have firmware support, they will burn poorly. Very little 16x media is going to burn decently at 2.4x and 4x, and if your burner’s firmware doesn’t support the media code and allow for proper speeds, it’s going to lead to poor burns. This has nothing to do with the media’s quality.

The Verbatims ARE better discs, but the same thing could have happened to even the best discs - if the firmware doesn’t support the media code, you’ll likely get very poor burns. Obviously the Fuji discs were are poor choice for you based on the lack of firmware support, just don’t blame it on poor media quality, blame it on the firmware.


I dunno. Prodisc as a whole certainly aren’t great discs. My experience with Prodisc certainly isn’t pleasant although I am only limited to experience with CD-Rs (I don’t dare bother with their DVD-Rs given the price of quality media these days).


Did you read my posts either? Did I say Prodisc is great? They are burning at 2.4x because of a lack of firmware support, this has nothing to do with the quality of the discs, whether they are great or horrible. I don’t mean to sound rude, I just don’t want anyone to equate no firmware support/write strategy=bad discs. If I had a burner that didn’t have firmware support for 8x TY and burned them at 2x and gave me poor results, would that make it the fault of the TY? While Prodisc is not TY, you can’t judge the quality of the discs based on 2.4x-4x burns from a burner that doesn’t support them.


True, but more often that not Prodisc is pretty comparable in price to quality media, so why bother. Not unless you found some crazy sale on them. I realize that poor firmware support is a major contributer but it still doesn’t change the fact that they don’t get along well with most burners. :wink:


I’m not in disagreement. My point is simply that you can’t judge the quality of a disc based on burns from a drive that doesn’t support the media. If we were discussing Princo, my comments would be the same. My comments aren’t to declare Prodisc good, bad, or ugly, just that it’s impossible to fairly judge any media based on the results from a burner that doesn’t support the media, regardless of the media in question. I’ve already said that the Verbatims should be better discs, I’m not trying to convince him otherwise.