Anybody know and/or use UseNext?

The address is

Looks glossy enough - I was redirected here from eMule

any help appreciated


This site screems SCAM to me (like the etomi one)

Nah, I heard UseNeXT was pretty genuine, maybe somebody else who has actually used it can confirm.

yeah i’ve heard it works well, apparently its just newsgroup downloading - but with oen centralised ‘library’ with all the files on it.

That site is a usenet group, much like other news groups such as Giganews, so it doesn’t appear to be a scam like some of the other sites that charge for free file sharing software. There are very few free usenet providers that offer access to the binary news groups, for example many ISPs such as those here in Ireland provide usenet access, but no access to the binary news groups. Google groups is another example which provides text-only access, although through its own web interface rather than through a news reader.

I would recommend giving the free trial a try, assuming they don’t ask for payment / credit card details straight away, however don’t use your main personal e-mail address just to be on the safe side. :wink:

Its probably like Giganews which offers access to binary newsgroups, but offers a longer rentention time. The ISP I’m on in Canada has newsgroup retention about 4-5 days.

I registered at just a few days ago. I started with the free trial and it worked great. They have a 80 day retention time and for 19,95 euro you can download 50GB at unlimited speed and at 1000 KB/sec you can download unlimited. And they automatically add partial archive files together. That used to be a big bumper for me in the past.