Anybody is testing with DVDInfoPRO?

Hello all,

I`m totally new in DVD Quality testing n stuff. I got a PIONEER A08XL DVD-WRITER and PLEXTOR PX-116 DVD-ROM. First I wanted to test with the newest NERO CD-SPEED 3.75. But it seems that my Drives are not supported with this feature by CD-SPEED. The START button on Disc Quality testing is grey, I cannot hit it.

So tried DVDInfoPRO, it workes but I only see PI errors and PO errors and stuff I cannot interpret them surely. There are no quality score. Also I wonder if DVDInfo PRO is accurate, comparing to CD-SPEED or KProbe.

Here are some sample tests I made with it, I think the YUDEN and MEI media is very good but why are the PI and PO Peaks are the same? I thought PO must be very lower than the PI Peak?

Any way here are the tests in attachement:

I tested a new Verbatim Media 8x DVD+R burned at 4x, a new Panasonic 4x DVD-R burned at 4x and an year old MAM-E Mitsui 4x DVD-R burned at 1x

the next test is a 2,5 years old PRINCO DVD-R 1x burned at 1x. its strange, it seems that this is best result till now, better than HQ Brands than VERBATIM +R(yuden) or PANASONIC -R (matsushita) tested in my previous post.